Monday, June 28, 2010

"Tesoros Orientales" (reissued Mario Patterson) 3 CD box

"Tesoros Orientales"
With Chepin, Mario Patterson & Beny Moré

A nicely boxed set of three CD's released in 2004 on the 'Suave' label.
I bought this from a company based in Canada.
(very reasonably priced at $7.99 including shipping to the U.S.)

What makes this box set very nice is that Emmanuel Katty who put these together, remastered and reissued two LP's by Mario Patterson and his Orq. with Ibrahim Ferrer singing on five tracks (CD 2) that before this, had only been available if you owned the LP's.
Originally from Mario Patterson's Egrem 1960 and 1961 LP's.

Also included are two LP's by Orq. Chepin , remastered, with Ibrahim Ferrer singing on four tracks (CD 1).
Originally from two Egrem LP's.

And on CD 3, a collection of Beny Moré which can commonly still be found.
(though someone made a mistake... track # 18 "is not Beny Moré", it's Tito Puente's Orq.)

The design of the 14 page booklet included inside this three CD box set is very nice, in both English and French and was done by Ludovic Jaffrenou & Ludovic Peltier, who also included several nice photographs.

Both Orchestras of Electo "Chepin" Rosell and Mario Patterson were from Santiago, De Cuba and have a very swinging and typically "Eastern" sound, as did Mariano Merceron's Orq.

(on this Chepin CD, several dates/years are incorrect)


As often happens... track # 18 "is not Beny Moré",
it's Tito Puente's Orq. recorded in New York City in the 1950's

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Profiles in greatness: "Papa Kila" Antolin Suárez - "Selected bongó works"

Antolin Suárez - 'Papa Kila'1951

These are likely the type of drums he was playing.

"Papa Kila" with Arsenio Rodriguez

"Papa Kila" with Arsenio Rodriguez

'Papa Kila'
with Conjunto Modelo

In 2008 I made a post of "selected solos"
by Rogelio "Yeyito" Iglesias,
These are "selected solos" by
"Papa Kila" Antolin Suárez

Todos Seguimos La Conga
With Arsenio 1941
"Papa Kila" bongó solo

With Arsenio 1950
Kila, Quique y Chocolate
"Papa Kila" bongoes

Buena Vista En Guaguancó
With Arsenio live/en vivo 1948
"Papa Kila" bongó solo

* * * * *
En La Habana
With Conjunto Modelo '53,'54
"Papa Kila" bongoes

El Pajaro Y El Cazador
With Conjunto Modelo '53,'54
"Papa Kila" bongoes

No Hay Amor Sin Caridad
With Conjunto Modelo '53,'54
"Papa Kila" bongoes

Friday, June 25, 2010

Profiles in greatness: 'Florecita' Oscar Velasco O'Farrill - "Selected works"

Cuarteto Hatuey
Left to right:
Armando Dulfo, Evelio Machín,
Francisco "Compay Segundo" Repilado
Top: 'Florecita'

'Florecita' with El Conjunto Arsenio Rodriguez
'Florecita' with El Conjunto Arsenio Rodriguez

Lately I've been listening to a lot of music that has 'Florecita' playing trumpet, it is most often Felix Chappottin and Alfredo 'Chocolate' Armenteros who get all the attention and notoriety and they absolutely deserve it, as they are both uniquely great "Cuban trumpet stylists".
But rarely is the uniquely stylized trumpet playing of Oscar Velasco O'Farrill a.k.a. 'Florecita' given recognition.

There is a well known "music critic" who has stated: "Felix Chappottin was the Louis Armstrong of Cuba", I disagree, if arguably any comparison may be made to a "Cuban Louis Armstrong"... the title would be better associated with Oscar Velasco O'Farrill.
'Florecita' was older then Chocolate, older then Felix Chappottin, a generation before both of them.
It is common to hear trumpet players in Cuba "quote" or play like Chappottin and it is also common to hear trumpet players who are influenced by Alfredo 'Chocolate' Armenteros.

But you never hear anyone sound like, play like, or imitate 'Florecita', as he had a style and a sound totally unique and "soulfully Cuban".

Listen to Chappottin's early playing and the influence of 'Florecita' is clearly apparent. 
There are many great trumpet players who were/are incredible "stylists": Enrique Hernández, Lazaro “El Jabao” Herrera, Juanito Rodger, Armando "El Gorilla" Albertini , Chappottin, Alfredo 'Chocolate' Armenteros, "El Guajiro" Mirabal, Gilberto Azcuy... all fabulous players within the "Son tipico" style, as opposed to El Negro" Vivar's "Cuban jazz" style or Julio Cuevas who I like and have always thought of as the Cuban Harry James.
But..... for me
, 'Florecita' Oscar Velasco O'Farrill was "the Man".

There are other posts on this blog that have 'Florecita'
playing, but this post has some "selected works" that you can
distinctly hear Oscar Velasco O'Farrill's "style" and "sound".

With Arsenio Rodriguez y Su Conjunto
Me Dijo Que Sí Y Le Dije Que No 1951
'Florecita' short trumpet solo

With Arsenio Rodriguez y Su Conjunto
Guaragüí 1951
'Florecita' short trumpet solo

With Arsenio Rodriguez y Su Conjunto
Avaca De Maíz 1956
Silvano Shueg
'Florecita' : short trumpet solo near end

With Arsenio Rodriguez y Su Conjunto
Dame Tu Yoyo Ma Belen 1956
'Florecita' : 3 short trumpet solos

* * * * *

 With Alberto Zayas' y Su Grupo
Las Jardineras
'Florecita' : short trumpet solo
Bongoes: Rogelio 'Yeyito' Iglesias

* * * * *

With Cheo Marquetti
Fuegos En Los Bomberos
'Florecita' : short trumpet solo.
Coro: Carlos Embale

With Cheo Marquetti
Hay Comentario
'Florecita' : two short trumpet solos.

* * * * *

With Miguelito Cuní & Niño Rivera
El Diablo Tun Tun
'Florecita' : Trumpet
'Florecita' : Trumpet

With Miguelito Cuní & Niño Rivera
Con Amor Todo Se Olvida
'Florecita' : Trumpet

With Miguelito Cuní and Niño Rivera
'Florecita' : Trumpet

With Miguelito Cuní and Niño Rivera
Lo Mismo
'Florecita' : Trumpet

With Miguelito Cuní & Niño Rivera
Donde Va Chichi
'Florecita' : Trumpet

* * * * *

From Festival In Havana
Ignacio Piñeiro: arranger/leader
Tumbando Caña
 'Florecita' : Trumpet

From Festival In Havana
La Chambelona
'Florecita' : Trumpet

From Festival In Havana
Tumba La Caña
'Florecita' : Trumpet

* * * * *

With Enrique Jorrin and Odilio Urfé

Conga Del Senador

'Florecita' : Trumpet

Donde Va Maria 
'Florecita' : Trumpet


'Florecita' : Trumpet

'Florecita' : Trumpet

Video of "Florecita" Here

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oscar Valdés Jr. "Leyenda Viva" 2010 - Cuba

I took this photo of Oscar Valdés
in Venezuela 1978

Oscar Valdés con Diakara, Cuba

Valdés Jr. and Sr.

For me, this is one of the nicest recordings out of Cuba for 2010. Featuring El Maestro... Oscar Valdés Jr., former singer with the seminal band Irakere, here with his band, Diakara.
A very nicely designed 2 CD digipak, with great photos.
Every one of the 10 songs are excellent.
(Least expensive at Museo Del Disco in Miami)

Dáme Bombón


Mi Habana Vieja

Mogün Maribó

3 videos of a younger Oscar Jr.
Aguanile Bonkó - 1978
"throwing down" con Irakere.

Mami Damé Caramelo - 1981
"throwing down" con Irakere.

El Cimarron - 1982
"throwing down" con Irakere.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Havana Central, music Wednesday June 23

I'll be playing with Grupo Irék Wednesday June 23rd
at 'Havana Central', if you are in town come by.
(free admission)
151 West 46th Street (Between 6th & 7th Ave)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

BP document: 4.2 million gallons of oil daily in Gulf of Mexico

Benjamin Lapidus "Herencia Judía"

"Herencia Judía"
Benjamin Lapidus - 2007

While I was riding my bicycle back from Chinatown some months ago, I saw 'Benjamin Lapidus' in the street, I stopped to talk to him and he was nice enough to give me his CD titled "Herencia Judía" which he recorded in 2007.
'Benjamin Lapidus' composer, arranger, guitarist and tresero based in N.Y.C. has studied Son and Changüi in Cuba, he is also the leader and director of his own band; "Sonido Isleño".
"Herencia Judía" is a project with vocals sung both in Hebrew and Spanish with Benjamin on tres, accordion and vocals together with participating musicians including 'Roman Diaz'; percussion, Bata, vocals.

2. Herencia Judía
(Son Montuno)

4. Aleinu L'Shabeach

5. Las Cuatro Preguntas

9. Ma Nishtana

11. Los Cuatro Hijos

12. Kadish Para Daniel

4. Comparsa De Simchat Tora
(Conga Santiaguera)

Wilson and his Combo "Magic guitar" 1961 - Cuba

Above is the horrible 'Adria' bootleg reissue cover.
(are they sitting in a booth at a Howard Johnsons?)

"Magic guitar"
Wilson and his Combo
1961 Puchito vinyl LP
The original very "hip" Cuban cover on the 'Puchito' label.
With Wilson playing his 1961 Fender Stratocaster.

Wilson plays a killer guitar, sings and swings fabulously.
With a bongocero who plays con puro sabor Cubano.

With American 1950's "Doo Wop" influence as well as early 1961 twist grooves.

1. El Manisero
2. Hoyas Muertas
3. Calypso Guapacha
4. Como Me Gustan
5. El Tercer Hombre
6. Que Suave
7. Ojos Negros
8. Veranop De Amor
9. Siete Muchachitas
10. Nunca Sabre
11. ABC Twist
12. Cerveza

1. El Manisero

4. Como Me Gustan

6. Que Suave

7. Ojos Negros

Long out of print, now relatively obscure.

Ripped from the original vinyl.
"Cleaned" and "trimmed" with GoldWave v5.23

Recently sold on Ebay 11/2011 for $207.50

Isaac Oviedo & Los Timberos Del Caribe - Cuba

"Isaac Oviedo y Los Timberos Del Caribe"
Vol. I
Egrem vinyl LP

1. Engancha Carretero

7. El Congo Simon

9. Tu Me Conociste Asi
Isaac: tres solo

10. ¿Ta' José?
Isaac: tres solo

Saturday, June 19, 2010

"Jawbone of an ass" (La Quijada) field recordings by Sam Eskin 1955 - Cuba

The field recordings (grabaciones en situ)
from the original vinyl LP by Cook titled:
"Jawbone of an ass" (La Quijada)
Recorded by Sam Eskin in 1955 in Santiago, Cuba.
Most likely he recorded these tracks on a
1950's Wollensak T500 reel to reel tape recorder.
(my Father owned this same model)

There were years when this LP became obscure, but
now thanks to the WWW, you now can find anything.
Great live recordings from 1955 (en vivo).

Santiago de Cuba: 4,687 photos - Trinidad / Sancti Spiritus: 7,782 photos - La Habana: 56,562 photos

Friday, June 18, 2010

Havana Central, music Friday June 18th

I'll be playing music tonight, Friday June 18th
at 'Havana Central', if you are in town come by.
(free admission)
151 West 46th Street (Between 6th & 7th Ave)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"Azucar Mami" - Conj. Habana & Conj. Flores Valdés

"Azucar Mami"
Conjunto Habana - 194?
Cantantando: Pedro Luis Serrasant
78 rpm

"Azucar Mami"
Conjunto Flores Valdés - 1955
Coro: Florencio "Carusito" Hernández

Arsenio Rodriguez "Suéltame"

Street gig in Spanish Harlem N.Y.C. 60's
With Israel Berrios, Marcelino Guerra, Arsenio.


Arsenio's sister Estela in the coro.