Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wilson and his Combo "Magic guitar" 1961 - Cuba

Above is the horrible 'Adria' bootleg reissue cover.
(are they sitting in a booth at a Howard Johnsons?)

"Magic guitar"
Wilson and his Combo
1961 Puchito vinyl LP
The original very "hip" Cuban cover on the 'Puchito' label.
With Wilson playing his 1961 Fender Stratocaster.

Wilson plays a killer guitar, sings and swings fabulously.
With a bongocero who plays con puro sabor Cubano.

With American 1950's "Doo Wop" influence as well as early 1961 twist grooves.

1. El Manisero
2. Hoyas Muertas
3. Calypso Guapacha
4. Como Me Gustan
5. El Tercer Hombre
6. Que Suave
7. Ojos Negros
8. Veranop De Amor
9. Siete Muchachitas
10. Nunca Sabre
11. ABC Twist
12. Cerveza

1. El Manisero

4. Como Me Gustan

6. Que Suave

7. Ojos Negros

Long out of print, now relatively obscure.

Ripped from the original vinyl.
"Cleaned" and "trimmed" with GoldWave v5.23

Recently sold on Ebay 11/2011 for $207.50

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latinvinyl said...

This is a killer lp for sure. That fender sounds phenomenal. Please drop by and say hi some time also.

thanks for your contribution sir. Keep it up.

Dustin Anthony