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Written article: 'Ramon Sabat', founder of "Panart" record lable in Cuba.

A very interesting 6 page article on 'Ramon Sabat', founder of the "Panart" record label in Cuba.
Written by 'Judy Cantor' in 1996.

Bobby Carcasses - "Recordando a Beny Moré" LP 1980's - Cuba

"Recordando a Beny More"
Bobby Carcasses
Originally from a vinyl LP

A tribute to 'Beny Moré' by vocalist, trumpet, flugelhorn, piano composer & painter, Bobby Carcasses. Recorded in the 1980's in Cuba, with guest soloist, Arturo Sandoval on trumpet before Arturo defected to the U.S. in 1990.
Nice project. Obscure.

This is from a vinyl LP transferred to CD in Miami which is commonly done there and sold in small music stores. They take the "Egrem" logo, put it on the CD cover so it looks "official".
There are a lot of great things preserved and "re-made" onto CD down in Miami, but you have to go into the stores and look for them, you will never see them available online.

4. De La Rumba Al Cha Cha Chá

5. Que Bueno Baila Usted

9. Dolor Carabali

10. Maracaibo Oriental

Como pompas de jabon
Orq. Enrique Jorrin - 1986
Bobby Carcasses: voc; trp; flgh & comp.


Bobby Carcasses y su Grupo Afro Jazz
live-en vivo at La Zorra y El Cuervo in La Habana, 2000.
Bobby Carcasses vocal, Eladio "Pancho" Terry Chékere solo & vocal.

Green Dolphin Street


Bobby Carcasses is also an artist, this is an ink drawing by him titled "Cosmobajófono" which is interestingly similar to the artwork on the LP cover of Grupo Yoyi.

Artwork by Bobby Carcasses

The LP cover of Grupo Yoyi below
with a similar looking "space musician".


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Tropicana Revue "La Gloria Eres Tu" 1998 live in London

"La Gloria Eres Tu"
Tropicana Revue live in London.
1998 audio CD

In 1998 the the show-revue from the Tropicana cabaret in La Habana, went to London England, where they performed several shows at the 'Royal Albert Hall'.
The number of musicians, singers and dancers total about 80.

Once a year there are auditions for
prospective performers in this show and musicians and dancers come from many of the different provinces in Cuba to audition.
Only the "best of the best" are chosen to be part of the company.

In this show 'Los Papines' perform in both the CD and the Video. An amazing group of Cuban acrobats perform in the video... who are amazing and as good as any Chinese acrobats I've ever seen. The late ''Pedro C. Depestre'' was in charge of the string section at the time this was recorded. ('Pedro Depestre' was the leader of "Orq. Tipica Juventud" de Santiago De Cuba)

Every musician in the band is a killer.
(including the piccolo player!)

In fact, this band could easily rival with any Las Vegas show band'.
There were both an audio CD and also a VHS video that came from this show.

Both CD and video are no longer in print and no longer commercially available.

(The video performances are different than on the CD)

1998 audio CD

The 1998 VHS video:
The stage set was designed to replicate the Tropicana stage in Havana.

From the video:
Cuban acrobats

Rezo a Obatala, Babalú Ayé, Arará

Se Le Ve

Mi Son, Mi Son, Mi Son

Besame Mucho

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Grupo Raices Nuevas de Pucho Lopez LP 1979 - Santa Clara, Cuba

"El Bombin De Barreto"
'Grupo Raices Nuevas'
Vinyl LP

'Raices Nuevas', 'Pucho Lopez' leader & keyboards.
From Santa Clara, Cuba.
Recorded in the Siboney studios 1978,'79

"Esas No son Cubanas"
'Grupo Raices Nuevas'

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Astral Project with Nat Adderly & Bobby Mcferrin studio & Live in New Orleans

The Astral Project
Jazz tent N.O. Jazz festival

During the 15-16 years I lived in New Orleans, I played with many different bands and with many excellent musicians, such as the late Alto saxophonist, Earl Turbinton and the late New Orleans master drummer, James Black (R.I.P.)

One of the great bands I was a member of from 1978,'79-1986, was the original group the Astral Project, led by tenor, soprano saxophonist, bass clarintist and flautist; Tony Dagradi, with James Singleton on acoustic bass, the master New Orleans drummer Johnny Vidocovitch pianist David Torkanowsky and myself playing percussion. (After 1986, Steve Masakowski, the New Orleans seven string electric guitarist replaced pianist David Torkanowsky)These are several recordings we did in the 1980's before I moved back to N.Y.C.
These recordings have never been released.

The first three were recorded in New Orleans at
Sea-saint studios (Allen Toussaint's studio) , the band is Astral Project with guest musicians, the late Nat Adderly on Cornet and Bobby Mcferrin on vocal. The next five were recorded live at Tipitinas, the Astral Project with Bobby Mcferrin as guest vocalist.

Astral Project was: Tony Dagradi leader, reeds - James Singleton: acoustic and electric bass - John Vidocovitch: drum set - David Torkanowsky: piano and keyboards - Mark Sanders: multi percussion:

'Work Song'
Astral Project
Nat Adderly; Cornet, Bobby Mcferrin on vocal.
 (Recording engineer; Skip Godwin)

'Moon Dance'
Astral Project
Nat Adderly; Cornet, Bobby Mcferrin on vocal.
(Recording engineer; Skip Godwin)  

 'Dance With Me'
Astral Project
Nat Adderly; Cornet, Bobby Mcferrin on vocal.
(Recording engineer; Skip Godwin)  

'Dance With Me'
Astral Project - "live at Tipitina's"
Bobby Mcferrin
guest vocalist.

Astral Project - "live at Tipitina's"
Bobby Mcferrin guest vocalist.
'Scrapple from the Apple'
 Astral Project - "live at Tipitina's"
Bobby Mcferrin
guest vocalist.

'Big Chief'
Astral Project - "live at Tipitina's"
Bobby Mcferrin
vocal, scatting and whistling
Johnny Vidocovitch:
David Torkanowsky piano 

Duo improvisation:

Bobby Mcferrin
; vocal, and myself; Brasilian Cuica

'Lunar Eclipse'
The first Astral Project LP on Gramavision.
Recorded at "Studio In The Country", Bogalousa, Louisiana.
5. 'Whirl'
The Astral Project

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Los Jubilados "Que se fuñan" 2002 - Santiago de Cuba

"Que se fuñan" - 'Los Jubilados'
2002 CD not commercially available.

1. Tema
2. Que se fuñan (Son)
3. Lechón con Pimienta (Son Montuno)
4. Monte esondido (Son Montuno)
5. Yo como candela (Son)
6. Algo que por mi pasará (Bolero)
7. Mentiras Criollas (Bachata)
8. Manjúna Salá (Guaguancó)
9. Son de la loma (Son)
10. Ecos de 1800 (Son Montuno)
11 El carbonero (Son
- 'Gerónimo Ibarra Rivera' bongo solo)

3. "Lechón con Pimienta"

'Gerónimo Ibarra Rivera'

'Luis La Rosa Castellanos'

One of my favorite bands, that still maintain a 'gritty","soulful" sound without the commonly over produced, slick "tourist factor elements".
Unfortunately they use an electric bass on this, perhaps the original acoustic bass player, 'Luis La Rosa Castellanos' may have departed life by 2002, which is when this CD seems to have been recorded.
And the coolest bongocero en Santiago De Cuba... 'Gerónimo Ibarra Rivera' I like his solos and the socks he wears. I think he also may have also departed life, as he is not on the recently released 2009 CD.
I've never heard or seen this particular recording by them until 'Matthew' from the " unstruckmusic blogspot" turned me on to it.
Please visit and support his music blog and download it directly from there.

1998 CD Excellent!

2000 CD Excellent!

2001 CD Excellent!

2009 CD
(Good, but not great)
(Electric bass replaces acoustic bass and 'Geronimo Ibarra Rivera' & 'Luis La Rosa Castellanos' may have departed life )

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Video: Cuba - Los Papines, Tata Guines, Papiosco, "Fariñas", Geovanni Del Pino, "El Goyo", Juan De Dios, Pascual Herrera, Zanguile - Cuba

Los Papines, 'Tata Guines, "Papiosco", Pedro
"Fariñas" Celestino, Matías Giovanni Del Pino, Juan De Dios, Gregorio "El Goyo" Hernández, *Pascual Herrera (*he co-wrote "Mi Quinto" with Ricardo Abreu a.k.a. Papin) and Ricardo Abreu's' tio (uncle), "Sanguili" dancing with the hat.

Ricardo Abreu y 'Tata' Güines.
**** Ibayé bayé tonu ****

Senén Suárez - recordings from '52,'53,60's,'71-'72 - Cuba

 Abdón Senén Suárez Hernández
b; Manguito', Matanzas, Cuba 1922.
d; Cuba, Oct. 6th 2013.
R.I.P. / D.E.P. Maestro.

Abdón Senén Suárez Hernández born in the province of 'Manguito' in Matanzas, Cuba 1922.
He moved to La Habana in 1940. Most noted for his early work with Nico Saquito & Los Guaracheros De Oriente, his early 50's recordings of 'Guaguanco Callejero', 'Yambeque' and 'Guaguancó Botao' along with singer Laito, as well as starting a band that would eventually become 'Nelo Sosas Conj. Colonial', in 1957 he played on the Walfredo de los Reyes classic LP: "Los Mejores Musicos De Cuba".

A superb guitarist and electric guitarist who plays left handed, a singer as well as a prolific writer/composer and an authority on Cuban Son.He had a major role in the compilation of the1998 four CD "Las Raíces Del Son Por Senen Suarez" on the Tumbao label.
A full Senén Suárez bio could easily take up a whole page, so if you want to know a bit more about him do a search or look here.His original early works are a must have, these later recordings with "his Combo" however are very different as he plays some swinging electric guitar unlike anybody else. There's a mix of Cuban Son, rock & roll, bossa nova, boleros and even American "country music" influence going on in these. In 1971, 'Laito Jr. vocalist from the Maravillas De Florida joined the band, sings together with Senén and also plays flute.

"Guaguancó Callejero" 
Senén Suárez y Su Conjunto

(Cover photo shows my all time favorite band uniforms!)
The 1994 CD reissue on Tumbao still available on the internet.

Senén Suárez and Celia Cruz

"Tumbao Acaramelao"
Senén Suárez y Su Orquesta
Original Cuban Panart vinyl LP cover above.
(with "all 10" songs)

Horrible "shitty" reissued Musart CD cover design

Reissued in 2008 on CD by 'Musart'... with a horrible cover showing two tourists laying on a beach and the CD is missing 2 songs from the original LP.
All of the
Cuban music that 'Musart' reissues on CD consistently have "horrible cover photos" and designs.. and consistently "omit" 2 or 3 songs from the original LP's.

4. Consuelate Como Yo

5. Malanga Murio


These two are from other LP's:

Conj. Senén Suárez
Junto A Cañaveral
Conj. Senén Suárez


The recordings below are made up of five of Senén's "post 1959" recordings from the early and mid 1960's, to late 1960's and 1971-'72 that are now obscure.

Senén Suárez y Su Grupo
'Gerardo Portillo Scull': vocal.
(with trumpet and saxofone)
1959 -1961 vinyl LP

2. Bocumba

 Senén Suárez: electric guitar y 'scat' vocal

4. Guapachando
8. Caramba, Que Nena

12. No Huyas De Ti
Senén Suárez y Su Combo
1964 -1967 vinyl LP

1. Que Sabrosao

8. Descarga En Danzón

10. Soy Campesino

Senén Suarez y Su Combo
(with Laito Jr. vocal on a few songs)
This is a CD of things from the 1960's & 1971 taken from various vinyl LP's.
The photo they used is from the '50's "put together in Miami", they just stuck an Egrem logo on front, it's not really from Egrem.

1. Jibacoa Azul

2. Sabroso Y Pico

8. Tu Existencia

9. Maria Quiere Saber

10. Tete, El Gogo Y El Yeye

11. Regresso Feliz

13. Son De La Loma

Senén Suárez Y Su Combo
Laito Jr. : vocals and flute
1971 vinyl LP
1. Sabroso Y Pico

3. Aconsejeme Doctor

5. El Vaiven Del Ponton

7. Ritmo Movimiento

9. Ritmo Vaiven

Senén Suárez Y Su Combo
Laito Jr. : vocals and flute
1971 -1973 vinyl LP
1. Frutas Del Caney 

2. Suavecito

6. Bilongo 

9. El Manicero 

11. Mi Bumbane 

12. Musica De Carnaval 

Senén Suárez y Su Grupo
Late 50's early 60's Panart LP cover