Sunday, May 24, 2009

Los Jubilados "Que se fuñan" 2002 - Santiago de Cuba

"Que se fuñan" - 'Los Jubilados'
2002 CD not commercially available.

1. Tema
2. Que se fuñan (Son)
3. Lechón con Pimienta (Son Montuno)
4. Monte esondido (Son Montuno)
5. Yo como candela (Son)
6. Algo que por mi pasará (Bolero)
7. Mentiras Criollas (Bachata)
8. Manjúna Salá (Guaguancó)
9. Son de la loma (Son)
10. Ecos de 1800 (Son Montuno)
11 El carbonero (Son
- 'Gerónimo Ibarra Rivera' bongo solo)

3. "Lechón con Pimienta"

'Gerónimo Ibarra Rivera'

'Luis La Rosa Castellanos'

One of my favorite bands, that still maintain a 'gritty","soulful" sound without the commonly over produced, slick "tourist factor elements".
Unfortunately they use an electric bass on this, perhaps the original acoustic bass player, 'Luis La Rosa Castellanos' may have departed life by 2002, which is when this CD seems to have been recorded.
And the coolest bongocero en Santiago De Cuba... 'Gerónimo Ibarra Rivera' I like his solos and the socks he wears. I think he also may have also departed life, as he is not on the recently released 2009 CD.
I've never heard or seen this particular recording by them until 'Matthew' from the " unstruckmusic blogspot" turned me on to it.
Please visit and support his music blog and download it directly from there.

1998 CD Excellent!

2000 CD Excellent!

2001 CD Excellent!

2009 CD
(Good, but not great)
(Electric bass replaces acoustic bass and 'Geronimo Ibarra Rivera' & 'Luis La Rosa Castellanos' may have departed life )


Sirius said...

Hello. Is there any way to get the "que se fuñan" audio? never heard of it and this is one of the best music.

Fidels Eyeglasses said...

Stopped posting files 7 years ago, too time consuming.