Monday, June 7, 2010

An email I receved from Senén Suárez desde Cuba

Since I started this music blog several years ago, I have received several very nice emails from people I never thought I would have communication with.
I received a nice email from 'Johnny Aguiló' in Miami, the son of 'Rolando Aguiló'.
I received a very nice email from 'Elsie Castañeda', the daughter of 'Leo Castañeda' who is in his 80's and living in Miami.
I received a very nice email from 'Maritza Prado Borcela' The niece of 'Amado Borcelá' "Guapacha".
I also received a very nice email from 'Amara Pérez', the granddaughter of 'Lou Pérez'.
And an email from 'Heidi', her late Father played in Conjunto Saratoga.
And the latest was received from the daughter of Mariano Merceron, Juana Merceron who lives in California.

And amazingly and unexpectedly, I received a very warm and cordial email sent from Cuba, from El Maestro 'Abdón Senén Suárez Hernández', his daughter and her husband saw this web blog on the internet, told him about it, after he viewed it, he sent me the following email:

"Gracias a mi hija y su esposo acabo de ver el sitio que ud. tiene en Internet y he quedado impresionado y a la vez sumamente agradecido de saber que existen personas en el mundo que la música cubana la defienden.

He visto que su colección y conocimiento de mi vida es extraordinario, muchas gracias por haber hecho ese trabajo, en mis casi 88 años de vida nunca he visto un trabajo tan serio sobre mi vida.

Muchas gracias de nuevo

Aqui tiene mi dirección de e-mail para cualquier duda o pregunta que desee

Senén Suárez Hernández
Músico, Compositor, Director"

Comp & guitar: Senén Suárez
Orq. Riverside
Comp: Senén Suárez

Abdón Senén Suárez Hernández
b; Manguito', Matanzas, Cuba 1922.
d; Cuba, Oct. 6th 2013.
R.I.P. / D.E.P. Maestro.

Senén Suárez on left, playing guitar.
(these are my all time favorite band uniforms!)

I have a beautiful "linen" guayabera I bought in Cuba...
a few skinny 1950's bowties I bought on Ebay.... and I just bought a pair of White 'Buckskin' shoes last week, all I need now are those pants, that color, slightly tapered at the ankle... and I'm good! ;-)>

Senén Suárez recordings from '52,'53,60's,'71-'72 - Cuba

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william Rios said...

asi es , lo que haces tiene un valor extraordinario y admirable un saludo willi