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Electo "Chepin" Rosell, Bernardo "Chovén" Villalon - Orq. Chepin Chovén - Cuba

Orq. 'Chepin Chovén - 1930's
Electo "Chepín" Rosell
(Director, violin)
b; Santiago de Cuba 1907 - d;1984.
Bernardo Chovén Villalon (co-director, piano)
b; Santiago de Cuba 1910.- d;1999
The singer standing in the back used
a "megaphone" to sing through.

Orq. 'Chepin Chovén' - 40's
Drummer Hesmerido "Lolo" Ferrera often credited as the true creator of the "Pilón" is standing next to Chepin.
("Lolo" & Enrique Bonne actually played two slightly different style's)

Hesmerido "Lolo" Ferrera, older with Grey hair.
Playing timbales, kickdrum & floor tom.

Composer,band leader,Violinist Electo "Chepin" Rosell and pianist Bernardo "Chovén" Villalon form their big band called Orq. "Chepin Choven". After 'Bernardo "Chovén" Villalon' leaves the band, it becomes "Orq. Chepin".

Three killer big bands came from the Eastern provence's: Santiago, Holguin, Oriente, being Mario Patterson Y Su Orq. Oriental, Orq. De Mariano Merceron, Orquesta Hermanos Aviles and
Orq. Chepin, with their "distinct and unique" horn section and rhythm section.
(These were commonly referred to as "Cuban Jazz Band's")

"El Merenguito"
Orq. Chepin Chovén
Tumbao CD from 78rpm's

"Mi Oriente"
Orq. Chepin
1956, '60 & '61
Tumbao CD taken from LP's
In the photo above, Hesmerido "Lolo" Ferrera is #6, standing next to "Chepin".This is an excellent killer recording, where "Lolo" can be heard playing "Pilon" on tracks 4, 6, 9, 11, 12, 16 and 18.

6. "Monte Adentro"

"Danzon A Lo Chepin"
Early 1960's

Orq. Chepin - vinyl LP
Ibrahim Ferrer
: coro

 Original Cuban pressing on Corona

2. "Cogele El Gusto"
Violin solo: "Chepin"

Violin solo: "Chepin"

12. Canta El Contrabajo

"Chepin Chepin Chepin"
Orq. Chepin - vinyl LP

1. El Palo Tiene Curujey
Andrés "Niño" Rivera Echevarria: tres solo

"El Platanal De Bartolo" -

Orq. Chepin - vinyl LP

This record actually has three different bands, but they don't tell you that.
And the song order and the titles are almost all incorrect.
While there are four songs by 'Orq. Chepin' on here that are not found on other LP's, the other two bands on here are Manuel "Puntillita" Licea singing five songs with an early 1960's big band and the third band is the Charanga group 'Orq. Julio Valdes' that plays three songs.
It's common to find LP's on the "Maype" and other "south Florida" record labels that "add" several bands on one LP, but show only one artist as being on the LP.
Here is the correct song list:
1. El Platanal De Bartolo - Orq. Chepin
2. La Rumba Se Formo - Manuel "Puntillita" Licea & big band
3. Acércate más - Charanga Orq. Julio Valdes
4. Compay José - Manuel "Puntillita" Licea & big band
5. Tremendo Guateque - Manuel "Puntillita" Licea & big band
6. El Dandy - Orq. Chepin
7. El Guateque De Compadre Juan - Orq. Chepin
8. Café - Manuel "Puntillita" Licea & big band
9. Bolero Ritmico - Charanga Orq. Julio Valdes
10. Santiago Tu Guapacha - Manuel "Puntillita" Licea & big band
11. Danzón-Chá - Charanga Orq. Julio Valdes
12. Maria Antonia - Orq. Chepin

"El Regreso De Chepin"1973,'74
Orq. Chepin - vinyl LP

1. El Regresso De Chepin

6. Palma Soriano

10. Chepineando

"Saludo Cubano" - '70's
Orq. Chepin - vinyl LP

5. El Cacahual

4. Que Bueno Está

Below, two retrospective CD "collections" .
One from France, the other I don't know the label.

"Colección Diamante N°. 13"
CD "collection"

10. Mayari Arriba

"La Bayamesa"
CD "collection"

"El Que Rie Ultimo Rie Mejor"
Ibrahim Ferrer sings on several songs.

"Arco Iris Musical"
Vinyl LP

3. Viene El Tamalero

9. Lo Que Quieras

12. Carolina

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