Sunday, June 26, 2011

Agô! - Cantos Sagrados de Brasil e Cuba

"Agô! - Cantos Sagrados de Brasil e Cuba"


1. Exú
2. Oxossi
3. Agradecer e abraçar
4. Xaxará
5. Xangô
6. Oxaguian
7. Quebrando pratos
8. Iemanjá
9. Muzenza
10. Caboclos
11. Agô
2. Saudação a Oxossi
13. Saudação a Omolú
14. Saudação a Ogum

Recorded in Salvador Bahia, Brasil and Havana, Cuba
Prod. by Guga Stroeter (vibraphone)
featuring Orch. HB and Grupo Abacai.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Photo: Ramon "Mongo" Santamaria

Ramon "Mongo" Santamaria
playing one of his drums made by
Gonzalo Vergara.

Mongo wearing a very hip lightweight
Seersucker jacket, a hip hairstyle and
do you notice something about his hands...

LP cover: Moreira da Silva - "O Ultimo Malandro" 1959 - Brasil

"O Ultimo Malandro"
Moreira da Silva

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Photo: Grupo Lulu Yonkori con Oscar Valdés Jr. 195? Cuba

Grupo Lulu Yonkori
early 1950's
with a teenage Oscar Valdés Jr. playing quinto
(photo courtesy Barry Cox via Chan de Yoruba Andabo)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers day! - Feliz dia de los Padres! Sunday June 20th

My Father is no longer here in body,
but his spirit is always with me.
Happy Fathers day Papa!
I miss you!



Brooklyn, N.Y. 1941

Brooklyn, N.Y. 1941

Tunisia, North Africa 1942


Central Park N.Y.C. 1973

Central Park N.Y.C. 1974

My Father and myself, New Orleans 1974

Central Park N.Y.C. 1991

Central Park N.Y.C. 1994


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Video: Cuba "No pare la rumba!"

El Callejon De Hamel

In memoriam: Félix "Pupy" Insua -Cuba-N.Y.C.-Cuba

Félix "Pupy" Insua

Rumbero, bailarine, dance teacher.
La Habana, Cuba 1948 - June 2nd 2011 La Habana, Cuba.

R.I.P. / Q.E.P.D.
*** Iba ayé ba yé t'orún ***

The late Félix "Pupy" Insua :
dancing Rumba Columbia en La Habana

before he left
and relocated to New York City.

El fallecido Félix "Pupy" Insua
junto con Roman Diaz

El fallecido Félix "Pupy" Insua y su hijo
Museum of Natural History December 2005.
Rumba Columbia

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sexto Sentido & João Donato "Bossa cubana" 2004 - Cuba

"Bossa Cubana"
Sexto Sentido & João Donato


Cuban vocal quartet Sexto Sentido, together with the Brasilian master João Donato: arrangements, acoustic piano, vocals.
Great project, great sessions
recorded en Cuba.

Great variety of styles and materiel, several sung in English.
Tambores batá on The Beatles 'Come Together'.
he master João Donato's piano playing as always... is superb.

5 Pa' Ti - "Son Con Swing" 2000 - Cuba

"Son Con Swing"
5 Pa' Ti
CD - 2000
Cuban vocal quintet 5 Pa' Ti.
Tasty vocals, arrangements and very tasteful playing.
Two songs are sung in English, which to me sounds like
they're singing phonetically and do a very good job at it.