Saturday, January 30, 2010

In memoriam: Manuel Martinez Olivera "El Llanero" - La Habana - N.Y.C.

Manuel Martinez Olivera "El Llanero"

Born: Jan. 1, 1930 La Habana, Cuba
Died: Jan. 29th, 2010, N.Y.C.
80 years old
*** Iba ayé ba yé t'orún ***

Manuel Martinez Olivera "El Llanero"
(Photo: Mark Sanders)

Sadly.. Manolo died yesterday at age 80.
He had been in failing health for the last several years, living in a home for the infirm.
An "important, influencial and much respected singer, composer, rumbero"... much loved by many of us here in New York City, since he arrived from La Habana in 1980.
Manuel Martinez Olivera was the person responsible for creating the term "Guarapachangueo", as applied to a particular style of Cuban rumba first created in 1975- ‘76.

His wake will be held MONDAY FEBUARY. 1st, at the 'San Francisco/First Avenue Funeral Services, New York, NY 10029-1694 (212) 427-4300, between 115-116 St from 1pm to 10:00pm.
His wake is expected to be extremely well attended, with much singing and drumming by many of us who knew him, played with him, laughed with him, ate with him at the Chino Cubano restaurant on 72nd st, drank with him, smoked with him, helped him and loved him.

From Manolos CD con Los Afortunados:

1. Los Afortunados
(Manuel Martinez Olivera: vocal & tumbas)
11. Igual Como Mabo D' Oriente
(Manuel Martinez Olivera: vocal)

These photos are from a video I filmed of Manolo at the "Central Park Rumba"about 10 years ago.

Manuel Martinez Olivera "El Llanero"
(from the Gene Golden video archives)

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