Saturday, January 29, 2011

45 rpm: Arsenio Side A - Grupo Anabaika Side B

"Guaguancó Rythme De Virtuoses"
RCA vinyl 45rpm
Recorded in Cuba Oct 16, 1956.
Originally released as a 10" 78rpm
Victor 23-7121-A / Victor 23-7121-B

The two tracks on side A by Arsenio have been reissued
the two tracks on side B, by Grupo Anabiaka have not been.

Side A: Arsenio Rodriguez
Cantan: Estela (Rodriguez) y coro.
Recorded at RCA studios in Havana, Oct 5, 1956.
"Con Flores del Matadero" / "Adios Roncona

Side B: Grupo Anabiaka
"El Destrudo"
Cantado por Horacio De La Lastra y coro

"No Creo en los Rubirosa"
Cantado por Berta Villa y coro

Sunday, January 23, 2011

In memoriam: Eugenio “Totico” Arango

Photo; M. Cohen
Eugenio “Totico” Arango

b; "Los Sitios", La Habana, Cuba
d; Jan. 21st, New York City 2011

*** Ibayé bayé tonu ***

Totico y Patato

Totico with Pupi Legarreta - 1963
"Toda La Verdad"

"Patato & Totico"
The classic - 1968
With Arsenio & Cachao
1. Nuestro Barrio
Vocals: Totico & Juan Dreke

Kako y Toticio
Early 70's
10. Ganga Zumba

Kako y Toticio
Early '70's
4. Los Barrios Unidos

5. Oye Los Tambores

Totico y Sus Rumberos
1. Mil Gracias

Sonido Solido
Totico with the late Alfredo Rodríguez
4. Dicelo Patato
Vocals: Carlos "Patato" Valdés & Eugenio “Totico” Arango

Totico will be viewed on Weds the 26th from 2PM to 9PM at the Ortiz Funeral Parlor....615 Sound View Ave in the Bronx between Seward and Randall Avenues.
The funeral will take place the following morning at Holy Cross Church a block away. Internment will follow at St. Raymond's Cemetery.
**There has been an amendment to the viewing on Weds. the 26th...Totico can only be seen between the hours of 2 and 5PM...5pm to 9 pm have been set aside to fulfill religious obligations of his beliefs. Please take this into consideration if you are planning to pay your respects

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Compilations-variedadesRodulfo Vaillant

Compilations by a Canadian company
released in 1997 under license by EGREM.
Each sold for $2.99 at Rite Aid, the drug store.

"Bailexitos 1"

"Bailexitos 2"

10. Avisa Por Favor
Comp: Rodulfo VaillantOrq. Ritmo Oriental

"Bailexitos 3"




Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ritmo De Estrellas "Pituka La Bella" -1960 Miami

"Pituka La Bella"
Orq. Ritmo De Estrellas
Miami 1960 or 1961
Discuba vinyl LP
Never reissued on LP or CD.

LP vinyl sold on Ebay 3/4/12 $92.00

The tunes "Pituka La Bella" and "Arrimate Pa' Ca" were written by Juanito Marquez and done in the "Ritmo Pa'ca", the rhythmic form attributed to him.
Ritmo De Estrellas, my favorite South Florida Cuban Charanga band circa early '60's.
With much influence by Orq. Aragon, especially in their tight crisp vocal style.
With acoustic bass... so much more natural sounding than electric bass.
This LP is now obscure and hard to find a copy in good condition.
Many later pressings of this LP have very poor sound, with much of the bass very low or almost missing. The early pressings are the best, with the bass very full and the thick album cover with a very high glossy cover photo.

1. Pituka La Bella
Comp: Juanito Marquez
Ritmo Pa'ca

5. Se Callo Del Caballo

7. En El Vacilon

8. Como Goza Elena


"Pituka La Bella"
Tito Gomez with Orq. Riverside 1952
Very rare and now obscure track.

Video of Orq. Aragon singing "Pituka La Bella" written by Juanito Marquez.
In this video Juanito Marquez walks out and plugs his electric guitar into his amplifier just after the song starts.
Aragon with guests Los Zafiros, Elena Burke and
Juanito Marquez
(Ritmo "Pa'ca").

Los Jóvenes Del Hierro - 1970's Hialeah, Florida

Los Jóvenes Del Hierro
Cuban Charanga band, 1970's Hialeah, Florida

"Por Tierra Y Por Mar"
1973 vinyl LP
Free on "the usual" file share sites.

"El Bilingue"
1974 vinyl LP
With two covers of Aragon songs.
Reissued on CD, also as .99 cent downloads on and free on "the usual" file share sites.

"Salsa Con Flauta"
1976 vinyl LP

3. El Tiburon

8. Pepe El Machazo

"U.S.D.A. Grade A Charanga"
1977 vinyl LP
Free on "the usual" file share sites.

1. Con Su Permiso
2. Por Culpa Del Referendum
3. El Gallo De Maria
4. Ruego Inutil
5. Cuando Tu Quieras
6. Salao Pero Sabroso
7. Severino
8. Apredi a Vivir
9. La Conga Tomasa
10. Cuco El Elegante

9. La Conga Tomasa

"16 Grandes Exitos"
Reissued on CD in 1992 with 16 early works.
Free on "the usual" file share sites.

Original Kubaney vinyl LP 1960's

Orq. Tipica Tropical - Miami, Florida

Eduardo Aguirre 1960's

Eduardo Aguirre

Cuban flautist Eduardo Aguirre and his Orq. Tipica Tropical.
One of several popular Florida Charanga bands.
I prefer the sound of band during the 1970's, which includes cover versions of songs originally done by Orq. Aragon, Maravillas De Florida, Los Latinos and Ritmo Oriental.
Tipica Tropical during the 1970's, did not use trombones as they currently do.

"El Extranjero"
Vinyl LP on Guiro

1. El Extranjero

The original "drunk smoking baby" LP cover.

They changed the cover photo after people were
angry about the image of a "drunk smoking baby".

1974 vinyl LP on the Mate label
Includes several cover versions of Aragon songs and
one song originally done by Maravillas De Florida.

"La Nueva Salsa Llegó"
1975 vinyl LP on the Mate label
With four cover songs originally by
Ritmo Oriental. Several arrangements
by Rolando Lozano.

"Pa' Los Malos Ojos"
1977 vinyl LP on Velvet
With several cover songs by originally done by
Los Latinos, Maravillas De Florida and Ritmo Oriental.
1. El Cartero
2. No Soy De Aqui
3. Rosario La Llorona
4. Orgullosa
5. Dama Dama
6. Siguelo Ehi
7. El Son No Ha Muerto
8. El Tiempo y Yo
9. Como Baila Lola
10. Tu Me Echaste Brujeria

"Charangueando Con La... Orq. Tipica Tropical"
1979 vinyl LP on Teca
With several cover songs by Ritmo Oriental,
and Orq. Aragon.

"Echando Humo!"
With guests Tany Gil & Jorge Cabrera
1981 Teca vinyl LP