Friday, November 28, 2008

Wal-Mart Worker dies at Long Island Wal-Mart after being trampled in Black Friday stampede

Wal-Mart Worker dies at Long Island Wal-Mart after being trampled in Black Friday stampede

Quinteto Diapason - "Son de Almendra" - Cuba

'Quinteto Diapason' - "Son de Almendra"
1. El que siembra su maiz
2. El bodeguero

3. El cadete constitucional

4. Tres Danzas y Contradanzas - Los ojos de Pepa

5. Los tres golpes

6.Tu sonrisa

7. El manisero

8. Capullita de alheli

9. La bella cubana

10. Almendra

11. Son al cochero

The Cuban string quintet: 'Quinteto Diapason'
Amazing musicians with incredible alma, swing y sabor.

Track #11, "Son al cochero" KILLS!

Cuarteto De Saxofones De Santiago - Cuba

Cuarteto De Saxofones De Santiago - Cuba
1. Afro Sensual
2. Zapateo Cubano
3. Altura De Quintero

4. Longina

5. Sonata En Beat

6. Mr Guarapo

7. Michelle

8. El Manisero

9. Rumba High Sea

10. Al Fin Vendra

11. Los Tres Golpes

12. Smoke Get In Your Eyes

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Merceditas Valdés "Canciones De Cuna" - Cuba

"Canciones De Cuna"
Merceditas Valdés

Nicely remastered songs from 1961 and 1970.
Tracks 7-12 Merceditas Valdés with Jesus Perez y Sus Tambores Batá.
Tracks 13-14 Merceditas Valdés with Grupo
Folklórico Cubano.
Track 15-18 Merceditas Valdés with Orq. Cubana De Musica Moderna, her husband Guillermo Barreto on timbales and Tata Güines on tumbadoras.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Video: Cuba - Lissy Alvarez y su Quinteto con Jorge Reyes live in Spain 2006

'Lissy Alvarez' y su "Quinteto de la Habana"
con 'Jorge Reyes' on bass.
Live in Spain - vivo en Espana 2006.

"Son De La Loma"

"Here, there and everywhere"


Video N.Y.C - Central Park Rumba

The late Manuel Martinez Olivera "El Llanero"
standing behind the drummers singing.

These two clips below are from a short 20 min. documentary from 1996 about the Central Park Rumba.
This first one briefly shows the legendary Cuban rumbero "Ñiquito" Cadenon
dancing rumba. (he died within the last two years)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

China signs trade deals with Cuba -Nov. 18, 2008

Chinese President Hu Jintao visits Fidel Castro in Havana, capital of Cuba, Nov. 18, 2008.
The Chinese leader brought 4.5 tons of humanitarian aid for victims of three hurricanes that battered Cuba this year, which was handed over late Monday after Hu's arrival at the Jose Marti International Airport.
China also extended Cuba a 70-million-dollar loan to repair damaged hospitals and another 10 million for social projects, as part of the second tranche of a 350-million-dollar line of credit approved in 2004.

Compilations-variedades: "¡A COMER!"


A 14 track compilationof different artists and bands.

All "food related" themes. Very "tasty" ;)~

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Grupo Sazon - LP 80's Cuba

Grupo Sazon - vinyl LP
(Siboney LD-318)

1. Son para Farah Maria
2. Baconao
3. Tu eres mi cancion

4. El lobo y la Caperucita

6. Me estoy volviendo un monstruo

7. Pedacito de amor

8. Te espero en la parada

2. Baconao

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Felix Rondón - "Misericordia Que Es Esto" 2001 Cuba

"Misericordia, Que Es Esto"
'El Piqueton De Felix Rondón'
'Felix Rondón', vocalist, tres player and violinist from 'Las Tunas', Cuba.
This is a swinging recording session, the musicians all play with amazing sabor.
And Felix plays his ass off on tres and violin.

A great band with their own sound.
This came out in 2001 on the U.K. Tumi label and is now not easy to find in the U.S.

Grupo Jaleo - Santiago De Cuba - 80's

'Grupo Jaleo'
From Santiago De Cuba.

2. Homenajé A Gladys

6. El Santiaguero

Sunday, November 2, 2008

N.Y.C. Rumberos - Oct 2008

This was last week at a benefit for the Cuban hurricane victims
at the 'Center For Cuban Studies' , N.Y.C.
Max Valdez and Barry Cox singing, Yesenia Fernandez and Skip "Brinquito" Burney dancing, Doctor George playing guagua, Jay Camacho on tres dos, Pete Lopez on salidor & myself playing quinto.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

In memoriam - Arturo "Baté" Flores flautista Peruano - N.Y.C.

The flute player
'Arturo' Flores in this video died last week... he was riding his bicycle in Queens, N.Y., a car hit him, he fell off the bike, hit his head on a parked car and died.

Arturo made his own flutes and came from a family of MASTER flute makers in Peru.
He was in a small band called Julian Ávalos' & "Afro Andes" that I used to play bongoes with in the Subway.
Arturo Flores played flute and clave in this group.
He was a great musician and a very friendly and humble person.

You can see many videos of Arturo playing on YouTube here:

(El gran flautista Peruano)

"Camina Pa'lante"


Ritmos Afro Cubanos - Santiago De Cuba - 2005

"Ritmos Afro Cubanos"
CD brought back from Santiago De Cuba 2005

12. "Conga Para Yemayá"