Wednesday, August 6, 2008

'Ñico "Ñiquito" Cadenon' personaje Cubano - Cuba 1950's /N.Y.C.

Ñico "Ñiquito" Cadenon
at the Central Park rumba, N.Y.C.
Two photos I took.

The person singing in the middle of the photo is Ñico Cadenon.
The first time I saw Ñico was at the Central Park rumba sometime in the 1980's, I was told he came to N.Y.C. via the Mariel boat exodus in 1980, though it's possible he may have come before then.
It was several years later that someone said to me: Hey, do you know who "that guy" is? They then told me he is the "Ñiquito" that Migulito Cuni sings about with Conjunto Chappottin's band on the song titled: "Ñiquito Cadenon".

was from el barrio De 'Pueblo Nuevo', an excellent dancer and rumbero, who in the 1950's would organize and promote great popular dance events in and around Havana. "Ñiquito" was always incredibly humble, as well as an impeccably clean and very cool dresser, reserved, not an "in your face" person at all.
He rarely danced.... he seemed to always hang with his Woman, socializing with friends or just on the edge of the crowd surrounding the drummers.... but, when the ritmo and singing was "just right" and
"in the zone"...... he would push the crowd open sing a little and dance killer rumba and Abakúa for about a minute or two.

He was in his early 70's when I last saw him, he died about two years ago.

I have a video from the rumba in Central Park, there is a short view of him dancing a few steps...see him dance here.

"Ñiquito" Cadenon"
Conj. Chappottin canta: Miguelito Cuní

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