Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Early Cuban Danzón & Contradanza

This I received from the trombone player, 'Rick Elmore' in 1976 in New Orleans when I lived there. They are from 78' rpm records. I have no covers/info other than on track two, they play a short section from the American tune "For Me And My Gal" written by 'George W. Meyer' which was first published 1917.

"Early Cuban Danzón Orchestras 1916-1920"

1. Ay, Que Victrola! - Orq De Tomas Ponce
2. Yuya Y Yeyita - Orq De Tomas Ponce
3. Nangandu - Orq Felix Gonzalez
4. El Saguero - Orq Felix Gonzalez
5. Mamita Amarre Su Perro - Orq Felipe Valdes
6. Pan Y Cemento - Orq Casas
7. Buchin El Carpintero - Orq Felipe Valdes
8. Mi Testamento - Orq Felix Gonzales
9. La Recholata - Orq Valenzuela
10. Matanceros Se Acabo El Agua - Orq Felipe Valdes
11. El Perro Huevero - Orq Felipe Valdes
12. A La Mar Fui Por Naranjas - Orq Felipe Valdes
13. Gasolina Pa Mi Maquina - Orq Francesca Reveron
14. De Miami A La Habana - Orq Francesca Reveron
15. El Kaiser Corcovea - Orq Francesca Reveron
16. El Triunfo De Corralito - Orq Tata Pereira
17. Se Acabo La Rumba - Orq Felipe Valdes
18. Flauta Encantada - Orq Casas
19. Me Voy Pa Santiago - Orq Casas
20. Pensando En Ti - Orq Casas
(((Cuban Danzón Orchestras 1916-1920:Here)))

"Cuban Danzóneras - 1932-1946"
(((Danzóneras - 1932-1946: Here)))

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Matthew said...

i love these pieces. i had a cd of danzon performed by a dutch group but the playing was nothing like this! what feeling!

this is worth checking also: