Saturday, March 29, 2008

Merceditas Valdés Aché II 1988 - Cuba

"Aché II"
Swinging sessions by the late diva.
Ripped from the 1988 Egrem LP.

With musicians:
Merceditas Valdés
Timbales - The late Guillermo "Barretico" Barreto (her husband)
Tumbadoras - The late Tata Güines & the late Luis Abreu (Papines)
Bongoes - Roberto Garcia
Bass - Orlando "Cachaito" Lopez
Piano - Pedro Coto & the late Frank Emilio Flynn
Acoustic guitar - Carlos Emilio Morales (Irakere)
Trumpets - The late Jorge Varona (Irakere)
Flute & Baritone Sax - Jawel Zaiba

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