Sunday, June 20, 2010

Benjamin Lapidus "Herencia Judía"

"Herencia Judía"
Benjamin Lapidus - 2007

While I was riding my bicycle back from Chinatown some months ago, I saw 'Benjamin Lapidus' in the street, I stopped to talk to him and he was nice enough to give me his CD titled "Herencia Judía" which he recorded in 2007.
'Benjamin Lapidus' composer, arranger, guitarist and tresero based in N.Y.C. has studied Son and Changüi in Cuba, he is also the leader and director of his own band; "Sonido Isleño".
"Herencia Judía" is a project with vocals sung both in Hebrew and Spanish with Benjamin on tres, accordion and vocals together with participating musicians including 'Roman Diaz'; percussion, Bata, vocals.

2. Herencia Judía
(Son Montuno)

4. Aleinu L'Shabeach

5. Las Cuatro Preguntas

9. Ma Nishtana

11. Los Cuatro Hijos

12. Kadish Para Daniel

4. Comparsa De Simchat Tora
(Conga Santiaguera)

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