Saturday, June 7, 2008

Video: Cuba - Estudiantina Invencible 1929 / Conjunto Hatuey 1938 Cuba

'Estudiantina Invencible', La Habana, Cuba. 1929

"Muted" Cornet - Cornetin "silenciado"
Iron break drum from a car wheel used, no cow bell.

'Conjunto Hatuey' de Cuba, 193?
"Florecita"; trumpet

'Evelio Machin', maracas, primera voz y director; 'Armando Dulfo', guitarra y segunda voz; Francisco Repilado "Compay Segundo", laud; Oscar "Florecita" Velasco O'Farrill, trompeta.

***"Florecita" was the major influence on 'Felix Chappottin' when Chappottin was a young man.
Some really absolutly beautiful trumpet playing by "Florecita" can be heard on two LPs.... which both have been reissued on CD. #1- "Miguelito Cuni con Septeto de Bienvenido Julian Gutierrez on Egrem CD 0103 / #2- "Festival In Havana" Ignacio Piniero arranger & leader, Carlos Embale singing. A true classic. Reissued on Milestone MCD - 9337-2
(he is the only horn player on both recordings)


vera said...

Marvelous site! I just discovered you (looking for Septeto Turquino), thank you for your generous and beautiful work here!

I had the pleasure of meeting Odilio Urfé personally, back in 1986. He played with his Charanga Nacional de Concierto back then, and introduced me to Guillermo Barreto (for some danzón-lessons on timbales). Question I have: is Barreto playing on your 'Cuba baila' LP?
anyway, I have recommended your site to some great aficionados here in the Netherlands, incl. my brother André, himself a great percussionist in Cuban styles.
thank you again,
many greetings from Deventer, Holland
un beso de Vera Groen

Fidels Eyeglasses said...

Saludos Vera, re: the timbal solo on track # 8. "Rumba" (LP Cuba Baila Carnaval 1960-61),
Being familiar with Guillermo Barreto's "style/sound"... I would say it's not him, I don't know who it could be.

Must have been a great experience meeting Odilio Urfé and taking some lessons with 'Barretico'.

Netherlands has a lot of great musicians over there, both Cuban and non Cuban!
Thank you for leaving your warm note.

Mark Sanders / N.Y.C.