Monday, June 9, 2008

Fidels Eyeglasses "Best Son y Son Montuno Mix"

A "Mix" I put together several years ago of
"Cuban" Son y Son Montuno, with excellent
very "typically Cuban" bongó solos and great treseros.
18 tunes.
Bands include:


Willem said...

Just finished listening to your selection. Thoroughly enjoyed thew music. Thanks!

Korman said...

What a fantastic collection! Nice old school son, that's where it's at:)

Just one comment - could you put up the complete track listing? Otherwise it's hard to recognize many of the songs.

Anonymous said...

Very nice assortment of son & son montuno. Your taste is impeccable.

John said...

Love your site. I especially like the bongos on the home page. I just put x-ray film on my macho. Thanks for everything.

Fidels Eyeglasses said...

Korman, I actually made this mix for myself to put on my Zen vision MP3 player three years ago, when I didn't have this music blog, so I already knew who's playing. But if I get a chance I'll go back over each tune and try to match each of the tunes to the bands, the post the results.

I'm working on a "Yeyito Iglesias" best bongo solos mix for a future post.
Should be fun. Some of his solos that are rather obscure.

(Old school is "the" school)

Thanks for stopping by and taking time to leave a few words.

Unknown said...

Gracias Mark.. (Old School is The School) bien dicho.

Que canción más bella "Rumba de Matanzas - Conjunto Bolero".

Genial y que viva la música gruesa.