Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Septeto Naborí y Grupo Son Entero - Cuba

'Septeto Naborí'
Septeto Nabori is a young band with a great tresero,
'Ramón Augustín Carbonell Alvarez'
(Septeto Naborí was founded in the 1990's by a group of students from Universidad del Oriente in Santiago de Cuba)


'El Son Entero'
Grupo El Son Entero has a tresero....
'Luis Gustavo Acosta Pino' who is a monster!
(From Camagüey Cuba)

"Naranja China"
El Son Entero

"No me pares la rumba"
Septeto Naborí

1 comment:

Korman said...

Wow, thanks so much for this. The proper stuff! These guys swing just as good as Sierra Maestra!
Especially liked the Nabori.