Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Antología De La Musica Afro-Cubana 10-CD box / & Original LP covers

A few years ago, E.G.R.E.M. reissued the 10 LP's as a 10 CD box set titled "Antología De La Música Afrocubana" beautifully designed and excellently remastered with liner notes by 'Maria Teresa Linares'. These are the covers from the box set, followed by the original vinyl LP front and back covers on Egrem/Areito.

The 10 CD reissued Box set:

CD 1 - Viejos Cantos Afrocubanos

CD 2 - Oru De Igbodú
(Matanzas style Batá)

CD 3 - Música Iyesá

CD 4 - Música Arará

CD 5 - Tambor Yuca
(the players in this recording are drunk, one guy even threatens to hit another guy in the head with the Guataca)

CD 6 - Fiesta De Bembé

CD 7 - Tumba Francesa

CD 8 - Toque De Güiros

CD 9 - Congos

CD 10 - Abakuá

The original LP covers below:

"Viejos Cantos Afro Cubanos"
Vol - 1

Recordings: 1948, '50, '55, '62, '64, '65, '67
Vinyl LP

"Oru Del Igbodu"
Vol - 2

(Matanzas style Batá)
Recordings: 1977
Vinyl LP

"Musica Iyesá"
Vol - 3

Recordings: 1977
Vinyl LP

"Musica Arará"
Vol - 4

Recordings: 1981
Vinyl LP

"Tambor Yuka"
Vol - 5

Recordings: 1978
Vinyl LP
 The drummers in this Vol. 5 recording are drunk, you can hear one
guy threatening to hit another guy in the head with the Guataca.

"Fiesta De Bembé"
Vol - 6

Recordings: 1981
Vinyl LP

"Tumba Francesa"
Vol - 7

Recordings: 1976
Vinyl LP

"Toque De Güiros"
Vol - 8

Recordings: 1987
Vinyl LP

Vol - 9

Recordings: 1988
Vinyl LP

"Viejos Cantos Afrocubanos"
The "original" Egrem Vol -1 LP cover
Recordings: 1948, '50, '55, '62, '64, '65, '67

Antología De La Música Afrocubana CD BOX vol-1-10


Unknown said...

I have this collection and was excited to see the variety it contained. But what a shame with the Yuka cd. Of all the styles represented in recordings of traditional Afro Cuban folklore Yuka (and Palo Congo stuff in general) is the rarest. These guys were obviously falling down drunk and sounded like crap. As a musician, Cuban, and Palero, I was ashamed to hear this.

Fortunately the rest of the compilation is great and useful.

Thanks for sharing!


Fidels Eyeglasses said...

Saludos Pablo, si... I agree, too bad they were drunk, LoL. (jajaja)
Sometimes recordings that are/were "field recordings" o sea "grabado en situ" are/were done after alcohol (rum/ron) had been consumed. ;-)>~

The cover graphic designs on each of the 10 CD's are nice and pleasure to listen to after years of owning the vinyl LP's.

Thanks for stopping by and taking time to leave a comment :)


Todd G. Martin said...

Hola Markito,

Acabo de regresar de una semana en Matanzas y logré conseguir esta antología. Me encantaría poder leer las contraportadas de los acetatos originales. ¿Tienes estas imagenes en un formato que facilitaría su lectura?

¡Gracias por el post!

Francesco Martinelli said...

could you please renew the links for vol. 6 and 8 ... thanks from Italy