Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rumbatá De Camagüey - 2008 - La Rumba Del Siglo 2012 Cuba

Rumbatá De Camagüey

1. Rumba Y Batá

Superb vocals, great coros and nice drumming,
but for me
after 3 or 4 songs the drum "formula" can get boring.
Nice addition of a Pello El Afrokan Mozambique.
First class production mixed very well with
great sound in a nicely designed digipak
Now alternatively, this for me never gets boring.

 La Rumba Del Siglo
2012 Bis CD

4. Homenaje A Ricardo Abreu Papin

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David Alderete said...

I love this group, I used to go every sunday when I lived in camagüey, is it available for download? Blog's very good...
David de Argentina