Monday, September 8, 2008

Carusito "El Ultimo Sonero Mayor Su Vida Musical" - Cuba

Florencio "Carusito" Hernandez
singing with:
Septeto Favorito - Sonora Nacional
Gloria Matancera - Cheo Belen Puig
all nicely remastered from 78rpm's



karletto64 said...

This is really great stuff, Mark. Not only do I appreciate it, but so do some of my rumbero friends here in Jesi, Italy. If you're ever in Italy, come and check out Jesi. I know a few great Italian greasy spoons (if there is such a thing) around here, and I'm sure we could set up a rumba or two.


p.s. I just can't stop listening to that Arsenio at the Smithsonian recording. The kids were singing "eribo maka maka... eribo... eribo maka chevere" in the car on the way to the beach this morning!

salsero de la mata said...

nunca habia oido de el pero por el titulo "el ultimo sonero" tengo que oirlo. muchas gracias