Sunday, September 7, 2008

Grupo Afro Cuba - Jazz band - 1980 & 1982 Cuba

Of all the several recordings by
'Grupo Afro Cuba', these two LP's for me, are their best.
On their 1980 LP, Ernán López-Nussa is on keyboards.
With Oriente Lopez playing and arranging on the 1982 Egrem LP.
(Oriente Lopez left Cuba and came to N.Y.C. in the early 1990's)

'Grupo Afro Cuba' - 1980
Vinyl LP

During one of the New Orleans Jazz festivals in the mid 80's, I played this 1980 LP for the Jazz Soprano Saxophonist 'Dave Liebman'... he made me "promise" to make him a copy before he left to go back to N.Y.C.
This 1980 LP has one of only two instances of the sacrad 'Abakúa' drum called 'Ékué' played in the intro on "En' Lloro Mi Nañkwe".
The only other time I've ever heard it recorded on vinyl is on Silvestre Mendez' 1957 LP: "Bembé Aragua"

En' Lloro Mi Nañkwe

'Grupo Afro Cuba' - 1982
Vinyl LP

1. Si Pregunta Por Mi, Dile Que Vuelvo

3. Ya Puede Empezar La Dicha De Los Dos

4. Que Sensacion Quando La Vi 


Bongos not bombs said...

I'm really looking forward to this I've been looking for these albums.
My instructor Sandy Perez used to be part of this group, he just showed us an abakua rhythm last week.

Unknown said...

I wish we could listen to the complete albums..
Thanks for posting this!
I was looking for this for many many years (20 or so..)..
Ciao, Marc

Fidels Eyeglasses said...

This is not the same band Sandy Perez played with.

Both bands have the same name, though one is a Folkloric group from Matanzas, the other (this one) is a Jazz band from La Habana.