Friday, August 8, 2008

Los D'siempre - Hilario Duran - Cuba

"Los D'siempre"
Hilario Duran

Overall this LP is not one of my favorites, but
Hilario Duran sounds great and is always a pleasure to listen to.

8. Como Se Llama Usted


jean lafite said...

i'm gonna give it a go anyway, i like violin thrown in there. thanks for another slick bunch of posts.

salsero de la mata said...

no sabia de esta grabacion de hilario. muchas gracias

jrmaxxbongo said...

Hey Mark
Hilario is one of my favorites in terms of piano. This recording blew past me. Keep up the impeccable work.

d.david.3 said...

This song brings me a lot of fond memories from the past when we used to play and write good music and nothing else.
This song was arranged by German Piferrer and it was part of a nightly show at the Cabaret Caribe in the Hotel Habana Libre.
When I recorded the album with this band,I decided to include this song which I re-orchestrated for the format of my band( 2 tp, 2 tbns, 2 reeds and rhythmn section.)
Thank you so much for posting this song!

Hilario Duran.