Friday, August 8, 2008

Chuy Reyes "Mambo At The Mocambo" 10" LP - 1950-'51

"Mambo At The Mocambo"
Chuy Reyes
10 inch LP on Capitol Records. 1950-'51

Chuy Reyes was a pianist who led a "Latin American society band" which played mainly in Hollywood, L.A. at the legendary 'Mocambo' Club, but also played gigs in *N.Y.C. (*Xavier Cugat's territory) as well as traveling outside the U.S.

For me, this was his best LP.
While a few tunes maintain his "Society band" sound, several are great Cuban classics that swing.
("Almendra" comp: Abelardo Valdés, "A Baracoa Me Voy" comp: 'Antonio Machín', "Dile A Catalina" comp: 'Arsenio Rodriguez', "Blen Blen Blen" comp: 'Chano Pozo', "Negra Leono" comp: 'Antonio Fernandez'.

Swinging arrangements, great piano solos, great singer. The flautist has that "Socarras" sound.
Great cover artwork showing the "darker skinned" musicians playing at the Mocambo Club for the "light skinned" society types.

1. Boteando ***** (a few skips)
2. Almendra *****
3. A Baracoa Me Voy *****
4. Dile A Catalina *****
5. La Ultima Noche (a few skips)
6. Blen Blen Blen *****
7. Negra Leono ****
8. Hokey Joe ***(English vocal)

4. Dile A Catalina

6. Blen Blen Blen

Ripped from original vinyl.
I purposely left track #8."Hokey Joe" uncleaned so you can hear what the others sounded like before I cleaned them with Goldwave V.5


Ark said...

Tnx for this one man you really rocks!!! i was wondering if you can help me with this one the first song i know the second song is juan pablo torres but the first i don't have idea well i hope you help me Byee and tnx again for all man


orientecubano said...

Thank you very much!

Unknown said...

Can you tell me where I might be able to find the CD version of Mambo at the Mocambo? Thanks

chunhyang said...

WHAT A GREAT BLOG YOU HAVE:i was searching any informations about chuy reyes and i found your site: it's GOLD, JEWELS, thanks a looooot!
Can you tell me where chuy reyes was born before living in USA?
I have a blog too:

i didn't find your email , so i leaved a comment

muchos besitos de francia ;-))

Alfonso said...

Chuy Reyes was my grandfathers' brother, and they were all born in Huatusco, Vera Cruz in Mexico. I can give you all the information about him you need.

Unknown said...

Hello. My aunt was married to Chuy back in the 50s. Betty Duff. I would very much like to find out more about him and where he is today. Thank you.