Monday, July 12, 2010

In memoriam: Gerardo Portillo Scull

Gerardo Portillo Scull
Matanzas, Cuba Sept. 24 1929
La Habana, Cuba June
15 2010
R.I.P. / D.E.P.

Iba ayé ba yé t'orún
Sometimes I read comments and email sent to me a few weeks late.
Roberto Garcia in Miami sent me news of the death of Gerardo Portillo Scull who sang with Senén Suárez in the early 60's.
Also with Orq, Cubaney and here with Orq. Revé.

Gerardo Portillo Scull: vocal
(Senén Suárez: electric guitar y "scat" vocal)
Gerardo Portillo Scull: vocal

"Caramba, Que Nena"
Gerardo Portillo Scull: vocal

"No Huyas De Ti"
Gerardo Portillo Scull: vocal

You can read Roberto Garcia's very nice post about
Gerardo Portillo Scull

And a nice article
here on


william Rios said...

...tambien murio hoy Olga Guillot

Fidels Eyeglasses said...

No me diga!.... wow, she was a real leyenda, a true diva.
When I was a young Man, 21... I played in her band and we went to South America y Europa... she was amazing!

Que triste.
R.I.P. / D.E.P. Olguita!

Gracias Willy.