Friday, February 5, 2010

Conjunto Universal '67, '68, '73, '74, '75, '76, '78, '79 - Miami

Conjunto Universal in Cuba
(with Manuel "El Guajro" Mirabal and Jaime Garcia)

Jaime Garcia: piano, Rolando Rivero: tumbas.
 Edy Gual: vocal (sin peluca).

Conjunto Universal, the Cuban band that was based in Miami, Florida.
Their most prolific period was during the late 1960's through the 1970's.
A swinging band with a very unique "Cuban" sound.
Arguably the best Cuban band to come out of Miami in the 1970's.
Directed by pianist and arranger 'Jaime Garcia', with lead vocalist Edy Gual.
On their late 60's and early 70's LP's 'Rolando Rivero' played tumbadoras, he would later run the "Do-Re-Mi" music store on SW 8th street in Miami for years, it closed in April of 2009.

On several of their 70'S LP's they included songs originally done by Conjunto Rumbavana, Conjunto Roberto Faz, Los Latinos, Senen Suarez and Pacho Alonso.

"Tremendo Fieston"
1967 vinyl LP

"El Gran Universal"
1968 vinyl LP

1973 vinyl LP

2. Voy a Cantar

6. No Quiero Llanto

"Que Se Sepa"
1973 vinyl LP

1. Que Se Sepa

5. No Me Aprietes Tanto

6. Solo Tu Tuviste La Culpa

9. Sabroseao
Comp: Senén Suárez

"Dando Candela"
1974 vinyl LP

"Tremendo Disco"
1974 vinyl LP
On Chango Me Llama they sing a
short coro of "El Zipizapi"
1. Changó Me Llama

5. Francisca

7. En Casa De Pedro El Cojo

9. La Quisquillosa

1975 vinyl LP

"Super Power"
1975 vinyl LP

"Salsa Caliente"
1976 vinyl LP

"Mas Fuerte Que Nunca"
1978 vinyl LP

"Salsa En Tiempo"
1979 vinyl LP

19?? vinyl LP


desrat said...

Just a question about a particular song I heard in the early 80's at a Calle Ocho dance routine..they were playing I beleive "Dame Caramelo" by Conjunto Universal.I cannot find this song anywhere in thier catalogs.Any ideas are appreciated.

Fidels Eyeglasses said...

Did someone tell you it was Conjunto Universal?
Irakere has a song titled 'Los Caramelos' where the coro repeats "Mami Dame Caramelo".