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José Antonío Fajardo - Cuba / Miami / N.Y.C.

José Antonío Fajardo
b; Oct.1919, Guane, Pinar del Río, Cuba
d; Dec. 2001, Jersey City N.J.
Foto: Panart studios, La Habana 1950's

Not his complete discography, just his "best" and most swinging work.
The majority of his LP's recorded in Cuba were made up of sessions from different dates and also from his 78rpm's and 45rpm's which were then released on individual LP records.
José Fajardo was "The Man"!

Live CMQ Radio broadcast
La Habana, Cuba 1958
Fajardo y sus Estrellas
( 'Elio Valdés' violin solo, 'Tata Güines', tumbadoras)

"Cha cha chá"
Fajardo y Sus Estrellas
Panart-347 10" inch LP

"Fajardo vs Sensacion"
Six songs by Fajardo, taken from 78's and 45rpm's
and four songs by Orq. Sensacion released on an 'Adria' LP.
The Fajardo tracks are from 1953.

1. "Tengo Una Novia"

"Cha cha chá in Havana"
Sessions recorded '54, '55, '56
LP released in 1956

"Una Noche En Montmartre"
Classic Panart cover photo:
Israel "Cachao" Lopéz: bass.
Osvaldo "Chihuahua" Martinez: Güiro.
A very young Rafael "Felo" Bacallao and Sergio Calzado: vocals.
Felix Reyna: violin.

"At The Hilton"
Sessions recorded '54-'58
LP released in 1958
Photo with singers:
Rafael "Felo" Bacallao and Sergio Calzado

"Ritmo De Pollos"
Sessions recorded '55,' 57, '58
LP released in 1959

"Cuban Jam Session Vol. 5"
1957 / 1964
His classic Vol.5 with:
Israel "Cachao" Lopez: bass, Osvaldo "Chihuahua" Martinez: Güiro.
Tata Güines: tumbadoras, Guillermo Baretto: timbales.
The original Panart pressing had a dark blue cover, a later Venezuelan pressing was released with a light blue cover.
With four songs recorded in Havana in 1957 and the other four supposedly recorded in N.Y.C.
in 1964. (Reissued '94 on CD)

"The Best Of Fajardo"
Sessions that were recorded '54-'58,
released as a Panart "best of" LP

"The Great Fajardo"
Previously recorded '55,'56 sessions reissued on Nuvox
Rudy Calzado vocal.

"Danzónes Completos Para Bailar"Volumes I & II
José Fajardo's masterful two volumes of
instrumental classic Danzónes released in 1960
with "superb arrangements" by Rodrigo Prats.
"Fajardo & His All Stars Vol-6"
With his band re-formed after Felix Reyna left with several others to form 'Orq. Estrellas Cubanas'
Swinging sessions that include a great version of "Chao Chao".
3. "Chao Chao"

"Lets Dance With Fajardo Vol.7"Sessions from 1959 and 1960
LP released in 1960
Güiro player "Chihuahua" Martinez sitting on wall.

"Saludos From Fajardo"1960((Conseguirlo))

12. "Bonito y Sabroso"

"Sabrosa Pachanga"

Panart also released the same LP as:
"Sayonara-Orq. Tipica Panart"

"Fajardo En El Japon"Sessions from 1960 and 1961
LP released in 1961

Panart also released the same LP
as: "Hola Japon-Orq. Tipica Panart"

"Mister Charanga"1963
Fajardos first LP as leader of his own band in the U.S. for Columbia.
Originally released on vinyl in 1963, reissued in 1995 on a Sony CD.
With three different vocalists including Roberto Ledesma.
A nice Güiro solo by Osvaldo "Chihuahua" Martinez on "Güiro En Pachanga"
Swinging recording!
12. "Güiro En Pachanga"

"Sabor Guajiro"
Orestes Vilato: timbales, Pupy Legarreta: violin
Great photo of Fajardo wearing a gold watch band
with his initial "F" on it and a gold ring with his initials "JAF"
Interestingly, with electric guitar and vibrafone on a few songs.
Original 1963 vinyl recording for Columbia.
Reissued again on vinyl in 1974 on the Caliente label.
Swinging, with great verions of "El Cuini", "El Paso De Encarnacion"
and a version of "Juaniquita" with electric guitar and vibrafone.

2. "Sabor Guajiro"
12. "Juaniquita"

"Fajardo Llego A Miami"

1. Gloria A Beny Moré (bolero)
2. Cha-cha-cha Del Diablo (Chá)
3. Fajardo y Su Flauta (danzón) not orig. title
4. Eres Asi (Chá)
5. Mira Que Los Tiempos Cambian (bolero-Chá)
6. Sol-Re-Do (Chá)
7. Dos Perlas (bolero)
8. Yo Te Enseñaré Charleston
9. Año 1963
10. Flor De Amor (guajira-Chá)
11. Barco Sin Puerto (Chá)

Not many people know that José Fajardo "does not play on this LP".
The band on this LP is Orq. Estrellas Cubanas directed by Felix Reyna and was recorded in Cuba.
After violinist Felix Reyna left Fajardos band and formed Orq. Estrellas Cubanas, there were bad feelings between Fajardo and Reyna, Fajardo who was living in the U.S. purposly put this LP out with a photo of himself on the cover, as well as changing the name of track #3, to "Fajardo y Su Flauta"... the original title of the song was "Julio El Distinto", named for 'Julio Guerrero' the flute player in Estrellas Cubanas, it is Julio Guerrero who is playing flute on this LP.

Fajardo intentionally took the original recording and put this LP out with with a completely different cover, a photo of himself on the cover sitting in a helicopter with the intention of pissing off Felix Reyna and it did piss him off.

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