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Celso Murilo: organist '60, '61, '62, '64 - Brasil

Celso Murilo 

Celso Murillo Brasilian pianist and organist.
Celso after arriving in Rio from Minas Gerais in 1959 quickly adapted the 'Hammond B3' organ. Celso became involved in the 'Drink Club' scene in Rio and then leader of the 'Conjunto Drink'.

I like Celso's style, he was a younger player with a 60's hip, cool style unlike Djalma Ferreira.
Celso along with Ed Lincoln were into Latin/Cuban music and had many arrangements done as Cha cha cha's, Mambo's, Rumba's, Bolero's, Beguine's and Merengue's, though Brasilian music and rhythms was their thing.
Both Celso and Ed Lincoln used one of the many great Brasilian percussionists during the 1960's, 'Rubens Bassini' who in my opinion was able to play in a most "authentic Cuban" style when it came to bongoes and Cuban derived rhythms.

1960 - Isto É O Drink
Celso Murilo at the piano with 'Conjunto Drink', the house band from the famous 'Drink bar in Rio. Celso Murilo on piano and organ and a really YOUNG 'Wilson Simonal' standing behind him who sings two songs on this LP, one is a killer version of 'Tem Que Balançar'.

Tem Que Balançar
Celso Murilo: piano and organ
Wilson Simonal:

1961 - "Mr. Ritmo"
(has been reissued on CD)
Celso Murillo: Piano, Hammond B3 organ
Rubens Bassini: Brasilian and Cuban percussion
uncredited electric guitar, bass, flute, trumpet

1 - Implorar - Ai Que Saudades Da Amelia
2 - Tea For Two
3 - Nao Deixa A Peteca Cair
4 - Rico Vacilon
5 - Chorou Chorou
6 - Merengue En Copa
7 - Los Marcianos
8 - Teléco-Téco No 1
9 - Cha-Cha Celso
10 - Pau Pereira
11 - Ritmo Sabroso
12 - Rosa Morena

3. Não Deixa A Peteca Cair

4. Rico Valicon

6. Merengue En Copa

7. Los Marcianos

9. Chá-Chá Celso

12. Rosa Morena

"Ritmos Na Passarela"
Vinyl LP 1961
Celso Murillo: Piano, Hammond B3 organ.
Rubens Bassini: Brasilian and Cuban percussion.
Uncredited acoustic and electric guitar, bass, sax.

1 - Poema do Adeus
2 - Look for Star
3 - Fiz o Bobao
4 - Carinito
5 - Falsa Baiana
6 - Harlem Nocturne
7 - Chora tua Tristeza
8 - Palhacada (Cara De Payaso)
9 - Cha-cha-cha na Passarela
10 - Se Voce Disser que Sim
11 - Quem Manda na minha Vida
12 - Se meu Apartamento Falasse

4. Carinito

6. Harlem Nocturne

8. Palhacada (Cara De Payaso)

9. Chá-chá-c na Passarela

11. Quem Manda na minha Vida

"Férias No Drink"
Vinyl LP1962
(remastered, reissued on CD only in Brasil)

1. Pourquoi? (Esse Nêga Sem Sandália)
2. Na Piedade
3. Tamborim
4. Pergunte Ao João
5. Cade O Pandeiro
6. Se Quiser Pode Ir
7. Menino Desce Daí
8. Corcovado
9. Arrivederci Roma
10. Almost Like Being In Love
11. Silbando Mambo
12. Chiclete Com Banana

"Tremendo Balanço"
Vinyl LP 1964
(has been reissued on CD)
Celso Murillo: Piano, Hammond B3 organ
uncredited trombone, electric guitar, bass, drums
*Noriel Vilela baritone voice on "Vai Menina Vai"

1 - Seu José
2 - *Vai Menina Vai
3 - Sally's Tomatos
4 - Brincando Com Fogo
5 - Tristeza de Nos Dois
6 - Amanhecendo
7 - Jogado Fora
8 - Ti Guardero Noel Cuore
9 - Sen Fin
10 - Love for Sale
11 - Poinciana
12 - Moca Flor

2. Vai Menina Vai
*Noriel Vilela baritone voice

3. Sally's Tomatos

1. Brincando Com Fogo

11. Poinciana

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