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Felo Bergaza - two LP's - 1960 - Cuba

Felo Bergaza
Pianist and composer.
Born in 'Trinidad De Cuba' August 29th, 1916.
Died in La Habana, 1969.

Felo Bergaza was "the man"!
Two Lp's with his swinging group.

These can be found as re-issues on CD, though they were taken from the original vinyl.
There is one recording by him that's not easy to find, recorded in the '60's,
“Percusión tropical - Felo Bergaza y su combo”,
with Aristides
"Tata" Guines" Soto y Alejoà,
Rogelio "Yeyito" Iglesias and Guillermo Barreto.
(Anybody have it? Let me know)

"Felo And His Piano"
vinyl LP - 1960

With the late Ricardo 'Papin' Abreu: tumbadoras, vocal.*****
Frank "Panchito" Bejerano: bongoes.*****
Pablo Cano: electric guitar
Felo Hernández: acoustic bass.
(brother of Orlando "Papito" Hernández).

Armando Zequeiria: drum set.
Jose Antonio "Ñiquín" Quesada: clarinet and sax.

3. Sale Macúmbelé

Ricardo 'Papin' Abreu: solo tumbadoras
Frank "Panchito" Bejerano: solo bongó 

4. A Medio Los Cocos
Pablo Cano: electric guitar solo
Ricardo 'Papin' Abreu: tumbadoras, vocal
Armando Zequeiria: solo en 'pailateria'

9. Mesconlanza De Ritmos
Ricardo 'Papin' Abreu: vocal, quinto

12. Descarga De Felo
Pablo Cano: electric guitar solo
Ricardo 'Papin' Abreu: solo en tumbadoras

Maype vinyl LP - 1960
Bongó, tumbadora, drum set solos.
4. Cha Cha Chá Bururu

"Rapsodia Latina"
CD same as Intimidades, but very poor fidelity

Combo de Felo Bergaza

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