Sunday, March 29, 2009

Photos - Myself, my Father & Mother in Cuba, 1959, 1957, 1949

In 1959 my father took me to Cuba when I was six years old.
My dad had a Roliflex camera that he would use hand held and also on a tripod with a self timer. He took hundreds of photos, many that I still have.

My boarding pass to get on the plane.

Getting off the airplane.

My dad and myself sitting on the sea wall
along 'El Malecon'

La Habana 1959

I'm standing on the back of a cracker truck,
in front of the 'Capitolio'.
La Habana 1959.

This Man carried the dog in that blue box, the dog
came out of the box and did tricks while I watched.
La Habana 1959

I'm looking at mannequins in the window
of a store that sold uniforms.

La Habana 1959

A magician was doing tricks in the street,
my dad took
a photo of me squatting down and watching.
La Habana 1959

In front of a theater.
La Habana 1959

  At the amusement park Coney Island (the Cuban one)
Photo taken by my dad, 1959

My Father and Mother in a restaurant.
La Habana 1957

My father and mother at the Morro Castle,

with a Cuban Navy guard.
La Habana 1949

Next to Parque Central.
La Habana 1949

La Habana, Cuba 1949


under1sun said...

great pics like your dads tash :)

Sylvia P. said...

These photos are unbelievably magical.

Joey Altruda said...

Excellent time capsule. I'm going to blog about this and refer people over to your blog. Keep up the great work!


william Rios said...

apretaste mi hermano !!!!felicidades hay que contar con usted un saludo willi

leloconga said...

I love old pictures wonderful memories

Barry said...

nice mark, thanks for putting those up.

Fidels Eyeglasses said...

Thanks for all the nice comments... it's great to be able to look at these old photos. I had to clean them up a lot.