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'Noraida' - (widow) Wife of 'Beny Moré (La viuda de Beny Moré)

Noraida and Beny Moré
in a car right after their wedding

Noraida and her two sons, "Los Moré".
Noraida studio photo.
Noraida on 'Replica' magazine cover.
Her two sons in background
Noraida on TV show

'Noraida Hernandez'
married Beny Moré in Cuba, but by the time she left Cuba and arrived in the United States, she had become his widow.
(La Viuda de Beny Moré)
Beny Moré died in 1963.

recorded 4 LP's that I know of,
four of them with Tito Puente and his Orq.

Her two sons,
"Los Moré" played a part in her act, but I have no idea what they did, maybe dance or sing coro?
never created the kind of "public sensation" or excitement that her record companies; "Tico" & "Coco" had hoped for (as did 'La Lupe'), so she never became so called "well known".
Definitely a proficient singer, she just didn't have that "certain something"
(bankability $) that 'Tico' & 'Coco' records needed.

Absolutely the best thing about these recording sessions is 'Tito Puentes' band, the band is a monster, totally kicks ass and allows her to shine.Her first LP has been reissued on CD and also "Noraida y Los Moré - La Barbara" has been reissued on CD, you can still find them on the internet, but the other two are long out of print and now very obscure.

"Tito Puente Presenta Noraida; La bárbara del mundo latino".
Her first LP 1971 - Tico
(arreglistas: T.Puente, C.Palmieri, P. Jimenez)

1. Se Paso Noraida
2. Moyuba
3. Besos Brujos
4. Estoy Haciendo Camino
5. A Santo Domingo
6. Me Siento Muy Sola
7. Yo Si Bailo Cumbia
8. Me Lo Dijo Paco
9. Mi Son Maracaibo
10. Venezuela Estoy Aqui

2. Moyuba

"Me voy a desquitar" - Noraida 
With Tito Puente & Orq.
Her second LP 1971 - Tico

3. Soy De Las Lajas

5. Mosaico De Congas

6. De Mis Recuerdos
(Comp. 'Juan Formell')

10. Chola Wengue
(misspelled on LP as: 'Anguerenque')

"Outro discubrimento de Tito Puente - Noraida"
 Tico vinyl LP

1. A Gozar Con Noraida
2. Tu, Tranquillo
3. A La Luna No Voy Yo
4. Juega Palomita
5. Bomba
6. Santa Isabel
7. Un Solo Golpe Na' Ma
8. Portate Bien Pamameño
9. Jaleo
10. Bolero

1. A Gozar Con Noraida

2. Tu, Tranquillo
3. A La Luna No Voy Yo
(*great bass player

6. Santa Isabel
  7. Un Solo Golpe Na' Ma

"Noraida y Los Moré - La Barbara" 
Vinyl LP on Coco
1. La Luz
2. Mi Negro
3. Somos Diferentes
4. Tu si me quieres
5. La Barbara
6. Voy Pa'Caracas
7. Sobre tu tumba una rumba
8. Feliz Viaje
9. Canto a Colombia
10. Los hombres no lloran

7. Sobre tu tumba una rumba

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