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"Carnival A Santiago De Cuba" LP - 1959 Cuba

"Carnival A Santiago De Cuba"
Viny LP on French 'Le Chant Du Monde' label

1. El Macuquillo Oriental
2. Conga Santiaguera
3. Suavecito - Septeto Nacional
4. Improvisation De Comparsa
5. Piruso Y Su Boina - Rolando Aguilo
6. El Manisero
7. Carabali - Burundanga
8. La Reforma Agraria - Grupo Guaguancó Matancero*****
9. Ecue Ecue - Cachao
10. Carnival song in street
11. Improvisation De Comparsa
12. Organo Oriental
13. Mi Pueblo Esta Contento - Grupo Guaguancó Matancero*****
14. Glorie A Cuba - Grupo Guaguancó Matancero*****

The now classic vinyl LP
"Carnival A Santiago De Cuba" on the French 'Le Chant Du Monde' label.
There were "two" different versions/pressings of this LP.
The first one had no "spaces" between tracks, just one continuous track on side A and on side B. Each song just went right into the next one and the record had a horrible fake ("overdubbed") sound track of a live street crowd "yelling and screaming" throughout EVERY SONG.
The first pressing had three (3) songs by 'Grupo Guaguancó Matancero'.
(who later changed their name to
'Los Muñequitos De Matanzas').

The second version/pressing of this LP was much better... each song was a separate track with no fake overdubbed yelling and screaming crowd sounds, so each song was much more enjoyable to listen to.
However.... the second pressing only had two (2) of the songs by 'Grupo Guaguancó Matancero', as for some reason the third song never was put on the second LP pressing!

I have taken the missing 3rd song from the first LP (which has the fake overdubbed yelling & screaming crowd) and added it to the second pressing. #14."Glorie A Cuba "
I have also "cleaned" and "trimed" each song from the vinyl using 'Goldwave V.5' software.

This is a great LP that I remember first hearing when I was 13 years old, as my father used to play the LP a lot, he loved it.
It's really a collection, potpourri, mosaico of several different genrés of Cuban music.
All great.
For me, the "standouts" are "Piruso Y Su Boina" by 'Rolando Aguilo' with 'Juanito Marquez' on electric guitar.
The "Carabali - Burundanga" which is a Santiago style Carnival song originally dating back to well over 100 years ago.
'Ignacio Piniero's Septeto Nacional' doing "Suavecito" and 'Israel "Cachao" Lopez' doing "Ecué, Ecué" with 'Tata Güines' on Tumbadoras.
And of course the three great tunes by 'Grupo Guaguancó Matancero' featuring "Saldiguera" y "Virulilla" on vocals when they were in their "prime".
14."Glorie A Cuba" has "Chachá" playing Quinto and unfortunately has the fake overdubbed crowd sounds.
(references to Fidel, Ché & the Agrarian Reform - La Reforma Agraria)

2. Conga Santiaguera

5. Piruso Y Su Boina

8. La Reforma Agraria

13. Mi Pueblo Esta Contento

14. Glorie A Cuba

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Soy asiduo visitante de tu blogs, me encanta la musica cubana. Este larga duración esta sensacional, por favor podrias subir el tema CONGA SANTIAGUERA, muchisimas gracias.