Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Papi Oviedo "El Mayombero" 2000 - Cuba

His father Isaac Oviedo - 1930's

Tresero "Papi" Oviedo ('Gilberto Oviedo La Portilla') son of master tres player Isaac Oviedo. This is
Papi Oviedo's recording titled "El Mayombero" released in 2000, with Vocals by 'Christina Azcuy' singing the bolero-sones, 'Miguelito Martínez' singing son and 'Osvaldo Montalvo' singing the guaracha's
'Carlos Calderón' on bongoes and 'Juan Bautista' on tumbadoras.

Tasty solos by "Papi" who chose to stay close to the "roots" on this. (No rap, reggaeton or timba polluting the music)

1. Mayombero

2. Me ensañaste a querer3. Corta ese happy
4. Como se mueve
5. Gloria eterna
6. Me saca de paso
7. Manajo
8. Aprovechame
9. Controlate
10. Dejame tranquilo

1. Mayombero

7. Manajo


Unknown said...

OMG!! I have been looking for this music since I first heard about it in 2000!! I have "Encuentre Entre Soneros" but no-one seems to have a copy of "El Mayombero". I am a guitarist and tres player in NYC and both Oviedos, Isaac and Papi are right at the top of my list as great Treseros. Thank you!!

Fidels Eyeglasses said...

It's not easy to find, I've never seen it for sale anywhere.
It's a very nice recording by him.