Sunday, October 12, 2008

Orlando Vallejo - Cuba

Orlando Vallejo with various groups.

3.Vamos A Beber

16. Guaguancó Pillareño

17. Copla Guajira

18. Ya Mantila Se Boto

19. Todo Lo Que Tengo Es Tuyo

24. Al Fin No Vale Nada

25. Cuando Se Canse El Guajiro


Reysser Pais said...

Mr. Sanders I have to tell you what a pleasure it is to visit your site. You have posted the knowledge of Cuban music and it's history with great respect and originality. The picture galleries are great as well as the selection of themes. I am on my way to becoming a musicologist and reside in the city of Las Vegas. I have a vast resource library of articles on the history of Cuban music as well as a wide collection of cuban records from every genre. Your site has helped me tremendously in my studies.

Reysser Pais said...

You have selections that posted solos by bongoceros like Rogelio"Yeyito" Iglesias, Evelio Calderon and Panchito Bejerano(from Conjunto de Senen Suarez in Tropicana 1950s) who are barely mentioned in Cuba or abroad except among musicologists, investigators and musicians who knew them(those that are still living). These men are pinnacles of the bongo in Cuban music.

Reysser Pais said...

I have really enjoyed your posting of themes by Conjunto Rumbavana from what I consider to be it's best period(1955-1968)with Rolando Soto as bongocero when it was directed by the brilliant tumbador Ricardo Ferro whom no one remembers today. I would like to make a kind suggestion since I was just listening to your Orlando Vallejo collection which is fabulous, I see that you don't have much posted from Conjunto Casino or Conjunto de Roberto Faz and I was wondering if you could post selections of these great bands.

Reysser Pais said...

The reason why I say this it's because the role of these two groups in the history of Cuban music is so fundamental because they introduced many concepts to the music of the 1950s Cuba. Conjunto Casino featured some of the best musicians and singers of that time including Carlos "Patato" Valdez, Rogelio "Yeyito" Iglesias, Orlando "Chicuelo" Guzman and two very forgotten percusionists who were masters in their own right: Ricardo Leon Duenas "El Nino del Bongo" considered by musicologist Helio Horovio to be one the best bongoceros of all times and great tumbador Barbaro Vidal Zaldivar "Jabuco" of whom you have a picture with a Vergara drum.

Reysser Pais said...

I have the privilege of knowing Jose Caridad Hernandez "Perico" great tumbador and member of Conjunto Casino in 1957. He told me that Jabuco was much stronger and firmer in technique and rhythm compared to Patato, which says a lot about this man considering that Patato is considered a world tumbadora master. Conjunto Roberto Faz was classified the best conjunto of 1958 by the Cuban Press and other institutions and kept that title until the late 60's.

Reysser Pais said...

Ricardo Leon Duenas "El Nino" and Jabuco along with bongocero Orlando Guzman "El Chicuelo" were the percussion base for this conjunto founded in 1956. Jabuco had the particular doble tiempo tumbao started by Patato which instead of starting as the normal tumbaos in son, guaracha or montuno on the conga
drum they started the tumbao on the tumbadora instead. This was a trademark of these two conjuntos not to mention the bongo and cencerro patterns.

Reysser Pais said...

There are many wonderful solos by Jabuco on tumbadora with the Roberto Faz Conjunto with his own trademarks.
This conjunto has one of the best trumpet, base, piano and tumbadora sections of that time. It also brings light to one Cuba's master Soneros and Bolerista which was Roberto Faz whom Beny More considered his favorite singer and highly respected. Musicologist Raul Martinez Rodriguez called him el "Sonero Mayor" imitated by many salseros today and Larry Harlow considered him his most important influence when he was studying in Cuba in 1956-57(but this is never recognized and neither is Roberto Faz today). We have to consider that this conjunto's arrangements were similarly used by
Fania and Salsa bands of the 1970's. Please forgive me for writing so much I hope my comments are not too imposing. I am originally from El Cotorro in Ciudad Habana.

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