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Congas y Comparsas "Ayer y Hoy" - Cuba - N.Y.C .

'Las Sultanas'
Members of the Comparsa 'Las Sultanas'
 from La Habana in 1954.

'Las Sultanas'
Members of the Comparsa 'Las Sultanas'
 from La Habana in 1948, '49

"Congas Y Comparsas Del Carnaval Habanero"
Panart 1959
With the bands of Carlos Barberia' y Kubavana
& Alberto Zayas' y Su Grupo Afro Cubano.

I'm partial to the cuts with 'Alberto Zayas' y Su Grupo Afro Cubano as he has two trumpet players one of them is the great Oscar "Floresita" Velasco O'farrill taking several trumpet solos and several Bongo solos taken by who to me sounds like Rogelio "Yeyito" Iglesias.
The coros in the Zayas band
are always excellent and the use of tuba for the bass parts in the arrangements are great.

5. Las Jardineras
Comp: A. Zayas
Alberto Zayas' y Su Coro Folklórico
Trumpet: "Floresita", bongoes: "Yeyito"
(Tuba playing the bass lines)

8. Los Marqueses De Atares 
Alberto Zayas' y Su Coro Folklórico
Floresita trades with the other trumpet player

10. Por Que Te Pones Asi
Comp: A. Zayas
Carlos Embale in the coro
(Tuba playing the bass lines)

12. Conga A Cecilia Valdes
Comp: Gonzalo Roig.
Alberto Zayas' y Su Coro Folklórico
Listen closely at the very end, you'll
hear Carlos Embale singing.

 "Comparsas Cubanas"
Justi Barreto  
Recorded in N.Y.C. 1969

"Papaito" Muñoz 
 plays quinto on several tracks.

Julito Collazo  
plays Bombo.

2. Yayabo
4. Las Sultanas
6. Las Bolleras
7. Vaya Simon

"Carnaval En Santiago"

An excellent LP on the Egrem label
featuring the Comparsa groups: 'San Augustin', 'Los Hoyos', 'Paso Franco',
Folklórico Del Puerto', 'Herredia', 'La Kimona',
'La Placita'
, 'Textiler
os', and 'La Carabalí'.
Even though the title says "En Santiago", the style of the carnaval rhythm "Conga" alternates between contrasting Havana styles and Santiago styles.
With superb Havana trumpet alternating with the Santiago "Corneta China"("trumpeta China")

This record was produced by Enrique Bonne, percussionist from Santiago, former timbale player with Pacho Alonso and father of Timba singer Ángel Bonne.

7. Con Su Pin Pin Pin
(Conga de Santiago De Cuba)

4. Poupurrit  Carabalí

8. Mirala Que Linda Viene
Conga Habanera

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