Thursday, June 12, 2008

El "Niño" Rivera - "Y Su Conjband" - 1958 Cuba

'Andrés "Niño" Rivera Echevarria' Y Su Conjband
Vinyl Panart - 1958

Cuban master tresero and composer, Andrés "Niño" Rivera Echevarría and his 1958 big band.
Great photo him in the Panart recording studio.
"Niño" Rivera was also a major figure within the "Filin" (feeling) music genré in Cuba during the late 50's into the 60's.
"Niño" Rivera is one of my three favorite tresero's.
His playing style and the way he tunes his tres is unlike anyone else.

"Montuno Alegre"

"No Tengo Espinas Ni Flores"


"Monte Adentro"

"Levántense Todos"

Original LP sold on Ebay for $408.00

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