Friday, May 9, 2008

Rythmes De Cuba 'Ensemble National de Danse de Cuba" '61,'62

The now classic out of print 10' inch recording on the French 'Le Chant Du Monde' label
"Rythmes De Cuba Par L'ensemble National De Cuba - LDS-4218.
Recorded live in the early 1960's.
Featuring Jesús Peréz and his Tambores Bata with José De La Rosa Milan and Nieves Fresneda on vocals. They also play an Abakúa and a medley of 'Congas' "La Rebambaramba" that originally dates back to the early 19th century in Cuba.


Anonymous said...

Hi Silverspurr, really thank you for this great work, making possible beeing in contact with old afrocuban culture and discovering pearls of that times....
Raph (France)

patricio said...

Hi again

about this one I honestly have serious doubt about the 'Ensemble National de Cuba' being CFN - i'd rather think it's an earlier record maybe 1960 or 1961: probably Teatro y Danza nacional.
The Juan (or was it Eugenio?) de la Rosa never took part in CFN - I may be wrong, but…
It sounds like a live recording of one of the many folklore shows of TNC before CFN was created.

I'll keep on investigating…