Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Septeto Santiaguero '96, '99, '01, '05, '09, '10 - Cuba

"Septeto Santiaguero"
Grupo joven Oriental.
Sones y Guarachas "de nuevo".

Great band, however........
for Sones y Guarachas "de nuevo",
I prefer Septeto Naborí, Grupo Son Entero
and Septeto Turquino.

"Septeto Santiaguero"
CD 1996

"La Pulidora"
CD 1999

"Para Los Bailadores"
Two CD's live/en vivo 2001

"La Chismosa"
CD 2001

"Los Mangos Bajitos"
CD 2005

CD 2009

"Oye mi son santiaguero"
CD 2010
Not great, too much "Colombian pandering".

All of these these can be found free on
"the usual" music blogs and file sharing sites.

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