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Ritmo De Estrellas "Pituka La Bella" -1960 Miami

"Pituka La Bella"
Orq. Ritmo De Estrellas
Miami 1960 or 1961
Discuba vinyl LP
Never reissued on LP or CD.

LP vinyl sold on Ebay 3/4/12 $92.00

The tunes "Pituka La Bella" and "Arrimate Pa' Ca" were written by Juanito Marquez and done in the "Ritmo Pa'ca", the rhythmic form attributed to him.
Ritmo De Estrellas, my favorite South Florida Cuban Charanga band circa early '60's.
With much influence by Orq. Aragon, especially in their tight crisp vocal style.
With acoustic bass... so much more natural sounding than electric bass.
This LP is now obscure and hard to find a copy in good condition.
Many later pressings of this LP have very poor sound, with much of the bass very low or almost missing. The early pressings are the best, with the bass very full and the thick album cover with a very high glossy cover photo.

1. Pituka La Bella
Comp: Juanito Marquez
Ritmo Pa'ca

5. Se Callo Del Caballo

7. En El Vacilon

8. Como Goza Elena


"Pituka La Bella"
Tito Gomez with Orq. Riverside 1952
Very rare and now obscure track.

Video of Orq. Aragon singing "Pituka La Bella" written by Juanito Marquez.
In this video Juanito Marquez walks out and plugs his electric guitar into his amplifier just after the song starts.
Aragon with guests Los Zafiros, Elena Burke and
Juanito Marquez
(Ritmo "Pa'ca").

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