Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New project by Eddie Bobé & friends Los " Descendientes del Ritmo"

A soon to be released project by N.Y.C.
percussionist, vocalist, guitarist, tresero
Eddie Bobe y Los "Descendientes del Ritmo"

(rough studio mixes)

"Vete Tu
Changüi Nueva Yorkquino

Eddie Bobé: tres, coro & percussion
Giovanni Hidalgo: Changüi bongó
Juan Papo Garay: Lead vocal & composer of Vete Tu
Chris Theberge: tumbadoras (congas)
Abraham Rodriguez: coro

"Mama No Quiere"

Eddie Bobé: tres vocal percussion
Abraham Rodriguez: vocals
Giovanni Hidalgo: tumbadoras (congas)
Orlando Puntilla Rios: Iyá (batá)
Eddie Bobé: Itotelé (batá)
Chris Theberge: Okonkolo (batá)
Reut Regev: trombone

"En El Balcón Aquel"
Rumba abierta

Eddie Bobé: guitar, percussion, coro
Abraham Rodriguez: coro
Reut Regev: trombone
Felix Sanabria: quinto
Chris Theberge: tumbadoras (congas)
Luis Arona: bass
Jay Rodriguez: saxofone

"En El Balcón Aquel"
(Los Papines, canta Fuico)


jrmaxxbongo said...

Hey Mark!
Smokin Changui Bongo Playing by Gio.LOL Nice to here him doing something different. He had elbow room and it was tasty. The Final Mixdown should reveal something that is already real good. Is Mama No Quiere the last that Puntilla did? Where's the rest? It's like having 1 quenepa man or 1 plantain chip. Impossible LOL.
Thanks! Much, JR

Fidels Eyeglasses said...

Giovanni always plays nice Changüi, he plays one with Issac delgado a few CD's back.
I don't know much about his project or when it will be out.
For me, this is much hipper than the "reconstituted" 'Grupo Folklorico Y Experimental Nuevayorquino' that had a brief revival a year or two ago.

I hope the other tracks have Eddie singing lead.
Reut is a great trombonist, she's from Israel.