Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sierra Maestra - Sonando Ya - Cuba

"Sonando Ya"
Sierra Maestra
2010 CD

I'm not really crazy about this most recent 2010 CD by Sierra M., there's only one track that I like and that's # 8. Juan Andrés.
Not a terrible CD, I'm just not into the singers voice and I don't care for the "American Be-Bop" derived trumpet solos in a few tracks.
Unfortunately, for me the sound of this band changed after bongocero Carlos González and Juan D' Marcos González left the band and singer José Antonio "Maceo" Rodríguez
died in 2005.

This 2010 CD can be downloaded free on most of the file sharing sites all over the internet.

8. "Juan Andrés"


gringonalgaprieta said...

thank you so much man, this Changui is killin, I'm lovin that there has been several recent cd's with some kind of representation of changui

orientecubano said...

Hi! Eduardo Himely is alive and kicking! José Antonio Rodríguez "Maceo" is the singer who died a few years ago, whereas Juan D' Marcos González (tres) and Jesus Alemany (trumpet) are the ones who left the band.

Fidels Eyeglasses said...

Gracias Orientecubano for the correction and info.
I actually meant 'José Antonio Maceo Rodríguez', not Eduardo Himely.

This is a nice CD, I just like the sound of the original band better.