Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Grupo Dilanga - London U.K.

Grupo Dilanga

A nice project from the U.K., an E.P. with four tracks.
From the info on the bands web site, the members appear to be both Cuban and British.
According to the web site, the name "Dilanga" means "times past", though for me, this style of rumba is not really a "times past" style and is more of the contemporary style of rumba played by most every young band playing rumba these days.
Excellent singing and great drumming make this a very cohesive group.
Tasteful quinto.
They do a very nice version of Omelé.
(The more I listen to these, the more I like them)

1. "Dilanga"

2. "Pressure Drop"

3. "Columbia"

4. "Omelé"

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