Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Video: Cuba - "I Am Cuba" scene from the 1964 film

"I Am Cuba" - 1964
From the 1664 film "I Am Cuba", the scene where the brother & sister go into town, they get two Coca Cola's and the sister plays a song on the jukebox.


Evangelos said...

hello, very nice blog!
Do you know the name of the song at the jukebox scene of "I am cuba"? It is very nice, I am looking for it a long time now, with no luck..
thank you!

Fidels Eyeglasses said...

No, unfortunately I don't know who the group is that is playing on that.
It's a swinging tune!

Miles said...

Mil gracias por poner este clip de Soy Cuba.
This tune is so tasty y me estoy volviendo loco porque no lo puedo encontrar en ningun lado.

I thought it might be Carlos Farinas, who composed the score, but they don't list the song titles for the film.

If anybody has info on this tune please post it!