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Pedro Depestre - "Son Charangas Y Pasiones" 1999 - Cuba

"Son Charangas Y Pasiones"

'Pedro Depestre'; son of 'Filiberto Depestre' a violinist with Orq. Aragon in 1955.
Started playing violin at the age of five.
Replaced his father in Orq. Aragon in 1959, leader and director of his own band 'Orq. Tipica Juventud' de Santiago de Cuba 1970's, member of the 'Estrellas de Areito' late '70's, director of the Maravillas de Florida, director of the string section in the Tropicana Cabaret house Orq.
Music producer for Cuban radio and television.
'Pedro Depestre' died at 55 years young after taking a violin solo on stage in Basel, Switzerland in 2001. (1945-2001)

"Son Charangas Y Pasiones"
Pedro Depestre - Violin solos, musical director, arrangements
Jose Perez Fuentes - Violin
Jose Conyedo Roman - Violin
Humberto Legat Yera - Violin
Ray Avila Serrano - Cello
Policarpio Tamayo Garriga - Flute
Jorge Leliebre - Flute
Alexis Bosch - Piano, vibraphone
Maria Hernandez - Trumpet
Alexander Brown - Trumpet
Miguel Valdes - Trumpet
Roberto Martinez Capote - Guitar, bass
Juan Pablo Dominguez - Bass
Cesar Lopez - Alto sax
Alfred Thompson - Tenor sax
Hilario Bell - Drums
Jose Manuel Urquia - Tres, requinto, chorus
Yamir Rodriguez - Guitar, chorus
Blas Egües - Timbales
Jorge Alfaro - Percussion, guiro

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