Tuesday, May 19, 2009

In memoriam: Ricardo "Papin" Abreu dies in Havana hospital

 Ricardo Abreu

Photo: L.R.N.E.C.A.

19 dec 1933 - 19 may 2009
El Maestro Papin
**** Iba ayé ba yé t'orún ****

Ricardo Abreu died in a hospital in Havana, May 19th, cause of death, a cerebral stroke.
He was a very revered, influential and loved musician for me... since I was a teenager.
'Ricardo Abreu', drummer, master singer, dancer, composer and also a master of "solffeggio" (solfège) will be greatly missed... especially by true "rumberos".

Leccion De Esclava
Ricardo Abreu: quinto and vocal

"Que viva 'Ricardo Abreu' y Los Hermanos Abreu"'Los Papines' in Russia 1962La Columbina
Ricardo Abreu: quinto and lead vocal

Mi Quinto
Ricardo Abreu: quinto.
Pascual Herrera comp. and vocal.

The most "musical" quinto player in Cuba.
"Homenaje A Ricardo Abreu Papin"
'Grupo Rumbatá De Camagüey'

Without going into a long story... I lived in New Orleans from 1972-1986, during the four years Jimmy Carter was President '77-'81, several different boats that were set up for gambling would leave the port of New Orleans once a week to Cuba with wealthy Louisiana big shots and politicians on board. The whole thing was controlled and paid for by 'Carlos Marcelo'... which means many people were paid off including the Cuban Gov. There were always two bands on a boat, a dixieland jazz band and a latin band, I was in the latin band with singer 'Ruben Gonzalez'. On one trip in 1978, I met Ricardo Abreu... he invited me to his home, introduced me to his family... and cooked dinner.


Eli said...

Papin died last night.........
19 dec 1933 - 19 may 2009

Jonathan said...

Thanks for posting the great songs and memories. Peace

Fidels Eyeglasses said...

Jonathan, he was a master in every sense of the word.
A drummer, a dancer, a singer, a composer, a showman and a family man.
And not a gram of an ego trip in him.
Tata Guines was without doubt an innovator and also a superb showman, but I have never once heard him sing or have ever seen him dance.
'Ricardo Abreu' traveled the world and was the real deal.

Over the last 25-30 years I have met many drummers/Conga players/rumberos who regarded "Los Papines" as "clowns/baffoons/showman" who didn't "really play the real rumba"... to them I could only shake my head and discontinue the conversation.

We must always honor our elders whoever they are and no matter in what profession.