Friday, May 22, 2009

Video: Cuba - Los Papines, Tata Guines, Papiosco, "Fariñas", Geovanni Del Pino, "El Goyo", Juan De Dios, Pascual Herrera, Zanguile - Cuba

Los Papines, 'Tata Guines, "Papiosco", Pedro
"Fariñas" Celestino, Matías Giovanni Del Pino, Juan De Dios, Gregorio "El Goyo" Hernández, *Pascual Herrera (*he co-wrote "Mi Quinto" with Ricardo Abreu a.k.a. Papin) and Ricardo Abreu's' tio (uncle), "Sanguili" dancing with the hat.

Ricardo Abreu y 'Tata' Güines.
**** Ibayé bayé tonu ****


patricio said...


what a document!! It seems El Chiqui Dixon is dancing first, then Juan de Dios. But who's that Zanguile? And that third dancer?
This is a great moment, Mark!!


Fidels Eyeglasses said...

"Zanguile" was Ricardo Abrue's uncle. (tio)
"Zanguile" is the spelling I was given, but it's very possible it's "Sanguile" and the pronunciation cames out like a "Z".
He danced the true old style moves, like the move for Babalú Ayé (the cripple).
They say his name in this video.

The young guy who does the "robot" move.... I'll post his name tomorrow, I forgot it.
I have a gig tonight and the band leader knows his name.

Willi Trapiche said...

puedes consiguir algo del havana jam???