Saturday, February 14, 2009

"Carnaval" LP - 1967 Cuba

Egrem/Areito LP

The Cuban 'Egrem/Areito' record label produced many records during the 1960's specifically directed towards markets outside of Cuba.
Commonly with a "variety" o sea "potpourri" of bands and styles of music.
Sometimes tunes by these artists & bands would only appear on these "sampler" LP's.
Actually, except for the cover photo & the last song by 'Los Hermanos Bravo', there's nothing that has to do with "Carnaval" on this LP.

1. "Tiene Dinamita" - Orq. Aviles - Ritmo Pa' ca'
Juanito Marquez: electric guitar

2. "Los Años y El Pilón" - Pacho Alonso
Ritmo Pilón
Juanito Marquez: electric guitar, Enrique Bonne: drums

4. "Si Quieren Bailar" - Orq. Riverside
Onelio Pérez: vocal

5. "Regreso Feliz" - Combo Senén Suarez
Senén Suarez: electric guitar

11. "Muriendome De Risa" - Los Papines

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