Sunday, February 15, 2009

"Cuba Alegre" - (Egrem-Areito sampler) LP - 1967 Cuba

"Cuba Alegre"
Egrem/Areito LP

Another 'Egrem/Areito' record released during the 1960's specifically directed towards markets outside of Cuba.
Commonly with a "variety" o sea "potpourri" of bands and styles of music.
Sometimes songs by these artists & bands would only appear on these "sampler" LP's.

LP album cover has a photo of 'Ricardo Abreu' playing Quinto (a 'Vergara') on stage at the Tropicana club with his brothers ("Los Papines")

With a 1960's killer original version of 'Enrique Bonne's' Pilón; "Pepe Cabecita".
'Enrique' with Pacho Alonso & 'Ibrahim Ferrer' in the coro.

3. "Que Vivan Los Titis" - Orq. Aviles
'Juanito Marquez' Comp. (Ritmo Pa' ca)

5. "Llegaron Las Glondrinas" - Celeste Mendoza

6. "Pepe Cabecita" - Pacho Alonso y sus Bocucos
'Enrique Bonne' on drums, 'Ibrahim Ferrer' coro
'Enrique Bonne' Comp. (Ritmo Pilón)

8. Dengue En Faz - Conj. Roberto Faz
Roberto Faz Comp. (Ritmo Dengue)

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