Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Video-N.Y.C. - Los Jóvenes Del Barrio - T.V. show

In 1998 I played Bongoes, Güiro and Chekeré with the N.Y.C. group "Los Jóvenes Del Barrio".
I left the band after several months because I would not tolerate the band leaders ridiculous behavior.

Four musicians in these two videos are no longer alive:
Pianist 'Kimson Plaut' died in Puerto Rico in 2001.
Cuban Trombone player 'Juan Pablo Torres' died in 2005.
Bass player 'Victor Venegas' died in 2006.
'Jillian Omsberry' vocalist, died after a long fight with cancer, Jan. 2009.
R.I.P. / Ibayé bayé tonu

This is from a television show we did on B.E.T. on Jazz.

"Walk It Out"

"Havana Vieja"

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