Sunday, July 6, 2008

What's with da' "Eyeglasses" ???

Okay, some of you are wondering and some have asked:
"What's the story with da' "Eyeglasses"?

I like this particular style of eyeglass frame.... which was VERY popular throughout latin America, particularly very much so in Cuba during the 1950's and 1960's.  
Most people associate the frame style with Roy Orbison or Buddy Holly. But it was in Latin America and especially in Cuba where the frame was most popular and a major fashion statement.
To me, they had that 50's, 60's "space age-atomic era" thing going on.
There is an eyeglass frame designer here i
n N.Y.C. who unknowingly has a line that looks similar to the real Cuban ones.  
I'd like to get a pair as sunglasses in light brown with green lenses, but at $275.00 a pair, I may wait awhile.

"The Eyeglasses" hall of fame:

"Papa Gallego" a.k.a "Fifo"

Commander Bernabe Ordaz

Generoso 'El Tojo' Jiménez

René Touzet

Julio Gutierrez
 Leonardo Acosta
 Walfredo De Los Reyes III
 Rolando Aguilo
'Samuell Tellez' band musician

Paquito D'Rivera
 Richard Egües
 Juan 'Claro' Bravo' and Daniel Diaz
 The guitarist on the right in Sept. Tipico Habanero

 The violinist en Orq. Sensacion
 Roberto Faz
 Bienvenido León

Miguel Chappottin
 Salvador Allende
 Ray Barretto

Below are a different style of Eyeglass frame
that Fidel wore during the 1970's.
They were made by a company named 'Tart'.
Not as nice as the other style.

I think Fidel should be buried in these.
But he'll have to bid for them on Ebay.

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