Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Alberto / Alfredito Zayas Y Su Grupo Folkorico - 1959 Cuba

"Afro-Frenetic" was later reissued on the
American 'Capitol' record label as "Hi-Fi Cuban Drums" 
For me, the "Afro-Frenetic" standout tracks are
the Abakúa #3 "Aseré" and #6
"Yenguelé Maria".

Yenguelé Maria

The Alberto Zayas classic 1959 Panart LP.
Never reissued.

Alberto Zayas wrote 10 out 12 songs.
This features the beautiful singing style and voice
of Manolo Furé he sings lead on most of this LP,

Manuel 'Manolo' Furé

2. Ponte Saya Colora 
Manolo Furé: lead vocal

7. Pa' la mar serena
Manolo Furé:

8. Mayari Monte Adentro
Manolo Furé: lead vocal
(Zayas sings once briefly before the tres solo)

11. Cumayé
Manolo Furé: lead vocal

* * * * *
Cayetano Baila
Manolo Furé with Los Hermanos Castro.
Manolo Furé: lead vocal

La Timba
Manolo Furé with Tony Tejera y su Conjunto
Manolo Furé: lead vocal

Alberto Zayas was a singer as well as prolific composer and interpreter of 'Rumbas' and 'Sones'.
Born in Matanzas, Cuba Feb. 14 1908, died in *Guanabacoa in1983.
*Guanabacoa was the first place to have an African "Cabildo" in Havana.
His family moved to La Habana when he was one year old.
He began singing at age 14.
He also worked and collaborated often with musicologist & author, 'Fernando Ortiz' as a music consultant when it came to presenting authentic Cuban folkloric music/s.

Superb tres playing especially the solos on 7. "Pa'la Mar Serena" & 8. Mayari Monte Adentro", Saxophone on tracks 2 & 10, Nice 'Marimbula' played by Zayas himself on track 12 and some very tasty piano solos. The bongo playing style is simple and pure Cuban art.

The most beautiful thing about this classic LP..... is the singing, the sweetest, prettiest harmonies you'll ever hear. This was one of my fathers favorite LPs... I remember first hearing this when I was 7 or 8 years old. Of the two LPs, "Guaguanson" is my favorite.
This is Cuban music "free" & "unpolluted" by American rap, funk and Be-Bop"

I've painstakingly "cleaned" & "trimmed"
both vinyl's with
'Goldwave V.5'
Both ripped from original vinyl LP's.
"Afredito" Zayas is 'Alberto Zayas'.
'John Amira' has told me he believes the musican on the back cover wearing the straw hat & playing the Bata drum to be a young 'Mario Jauaregui'.


Barry said...

I imagine the Panart pressing is a bit "hotter" than the Capitol version. This one sounds better, thanks for posting.

orientecubano said...

Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

Mark, El Guaguanson is a gem. Your ebay material and blog material is amazing! Great information.

javier martinez diaz said...

gracias........por compartir tus tesoros

Dan said...

I'm sorry, I just found your wonderful blog, but I can't seem to get the music to play. I get the first couple of seconds of the track, but then it stops loading. Is there something else I need to do?